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Discover how purpose can help make your business more successful.

Purpose is your organization's distinct reason for being. It's what you stand for. Your purpose empowers you to make a difference in people's lives. It defines and drives all of your activities—from innovation, to communications and processes, to recruiting and training. And it's the single most powerful tool you have to affect both top and bottom line growth. Purpose is why you get up in the morning. And why you sleep well at night.

SunTrust Bank is offering you the opportunity to reconnect with your company's original purpose. One lucky company will receive consulting services from BrightHouse (valued at $100,000).

Why Does Purpose Matter?

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About Brighthouse

A company's mission is what it does; its vision is where it plans to go; its purpose is why it exists. Purpose-driven organizations seek to maximize their value to society as a whole, not just for their shareholders, by creating emotional, experiential, social and financial value. By understanding your company's purpose, you can create commercial success by creating value for all your company's stakeholders—making them feel their jobs are meaningful, and that they are contributing to society. Purpose-driven businesses and brands outperform the S&P 500, proving the power of purpose and its ability to produce dramatic profits.
The winning company will receive:

  • Consulting services from BrightHouse to articulate your company's purpose (valued at $100,000)
  • A narrative which tells your company's story and explains why you exist
  • One actionable idea, illustrated through layout, to bring your purpose to life.
You will also have the opportunity to attend the 2014 Global Purpose Summit in Atlanta, GA on March 4th to share the story of your company's purpose journey.

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BrightHouse is the original ideation and purpose consultancy. Founded in 1995 by Joey Reiman, BrightHouse is a global consultancy of thinkers creating commercial success through social value. We're creating a world where new ideas reign, where corporate values mirror human values and where higher earnings link with higher purposes. BrightHouse's clients include Procter and Gamble, Coca-Cola Company, McDonald's, Newell-Rubbermaid and SunTrust. SunTrust partnered with BrightHouse to rediscover and activate its own purpose, which is showcased in the advertising campaign "How Can We Help You Shine Today?"

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