Two Strong Solutions, For One Great Backup Plan. OVERDRAFT SERVICES.

Once you have a SunTrust checking account, you’re free to put either - or both - of these services to work for you.

Overdraft Coverage

“I chose to continue this coverage. I like knowing that SunTrust may cover me if I’m ever short of funds.”

When a check is deposited, funds may not be immediately accessible. So for ATM and everyday debit card transactions, Overdraft Coverage provides an added level of security. With Overdraft Coverage in place:

  • SunTrust may permit those ATM and everyday debit card transactions
  • Everyday debit card purchases may be covered, even when you
    don’t have available funds
  • You can be better prepared for an emergency

After August 14, 2012, we'll need your permission to continue your Overdraft Coverage. To make this change, click the link below, log onto Online Banking and select "I Want To Manage Overdraft Coverage" in the upper right.


Bank Statements is a new blog where you can watch video and read thoughts from other clients to see how they made their decisions about Overdraft Coverage.

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Overdraft Protection

I keep money in another SunTrust account. And since this lets my SunTrust accounts link up, I’m covering myself.

Even more backup, should your account lack the funds to cover a transaction. In this case, you cover yourself – by linking your checking account to another funded SunTrust account, such as:

  • Savings
  • Money Market
  • Checking
  • SunTrust credit card
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You make a purchase with a debit card, but your checking account balance is short. Here’s how your Overdraft choices will affect you:

If you’ve continued Overdraft Coverage:
If you haven’t continued by August 14th:
If you have Overdraft Protection and your linked account has the funds to cover the purchase:
If you have Overdraft Protection and your linked account cannot cover the purchase:
If you have Overdraft Coverage and your
Overdraft Protection cannot cover the purchase:

*SunTrust makes decisions on whether or not to pay/authorize items based on the risk associated with the account, the client, and the transaction. We do not provide overdraft coverage on all items.

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