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  • Fraud Tip: Implement Disaster Planning

    If you’re like many small business owners, you more than likely do not have a business continuity plan that ensures your company will survive a disaster or unexpected event.

  • Fraud Tip: Control How Your Business Disburses Money

    In the last decade, advances in network, payment and banking technology have made it inexpensive and easy for you to electronically control your business' cash outflows.

  • Fraud Tip: Automate Routine Financial Tasks

    Small business owners who lack the time or resources to keep track of their money are more susceptible to fraud and crime. Automating your finances is a practical way to overcome these resource constraints and more effectively protect your business.

  • Fraud Tip: Control How You Collect and Handle Money

    In your business, every time someone physically handles a check or cash, it increases the opportunity for fraud. To mitigate this risk, consider collecting money electronically — a safer, cheaper, faster and easier way to collect.

Crime and fraud are believed to cost U.S. businesses a little more than 5 cents of every sales dollar, according to a report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Implementing different types of systems, such as electronic collection, financial control, financial automation and expense management, can help safeguard your business from fraud, theft and disaster. Learn how you can protect your business from fraud.