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  • FE Whitepaper Planned Giving Image Meeting

    Ensuring the Future of Your Nonprofit Through Planned Giving

    Being thoughtful and strategic in building a planned giving program alleviates concern and establishes an appropriate structure that aligns with your organization’s purpose, needs and objectives. To start, become proficient in planned giving basics and the functions of various giving vehicles. Take time to carefully analyze your current donor base to determine the potential opportunity for split interest arrangements. Finally, garner organizational buy-in and begin to create the necessary marketing and administration infrastructure.

  • Podcast: Why Diversification Is Still the Right Approach

    Research and market experiences typically suggest that a diversified portfolio optimizes investors’ chances of meeting their goals. Is diversification still the right approach in today’s market?

  • FE whitepaper strategic mvoes image portfolio overview

    Whitepaper: Strategic Moves and Tactical Overlays

    Using short-term allocation adjustments to capture opportunities and mitigate portfolio risk.

  • FE Credit Terms Image Woman in glasses

    Is Your Non-Profit Getting the Best Credit Terms Possible?

    Along with strong fiscal management and a commitment to maintaining a positive cash flow, one of the most effective methods for ensuring adequate resources to fund capital projects or meet working capital needs without subjecting your organization to excessive borrowing costs is by securing a collateralized term loan or line of credit.

  • FE Whitepaper Discretionary vs Non Discretionary couple talking to advisors

    Whitepaper: Discretionary vs Non-Discretionary Investment Management. What’s Right For Your Organization?

    There’s no right or wrong approach when it comes to deciding on a discretionary or non-discretionary investment model for your organization. Instead, a multitude of factors need to be carefully weighed to determine which model is right for your organization.

  • Effective tip for CFOs, “CFO Handbook: Five Steps to a Winning Investment Committee”

    Infographic: CFO Handbook: Five Steps to a Winning Investment Committee

    With the right coaching and resources, you and your investment committee can serve your fiduciary duty both honorably and successfully. Here are five tips to get started.

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