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Why a Strong Purpose Makes a Strong Company


Motivate Employees and Offer Superior Customer Experience

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“Evidence is mounting that focusing on purpose rather than profits is what builds business confidence.”

—2014 Deloitte Core Beliefs & Culture Survey

Our clients tell us that investing in competitive strategy helps drive higher profits and strengthen their market position. At SunTrust, we understand this. Our own competitive strategy—differentiation—inspires us to do more for our clients by sharing our financial expertise with businesses of all sizes and at every stage. This guide is one step in our commitment to answer your questions, share ideas and deliver the collective resources of the entire bank to help your business thrive.

SunTrust is also a purpose-driven company, and we know why having a strong purpose for your business matters. Defining and promoting your company’s purpose are important steps for all companies, regardless of their main competitive strategy. For gaining buy-in from company employees and key Do’s and Don’ts in the pursuit of a higher mission, refer to our section on finding your business’s purpose.

You can also view the full report—including chapters dedicated to Quality, Cost Leadership and Differentiation—here.


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