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10 Ways to Save 300


Simple Ways to Save Big

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You can save more money each month. Remember, just taking baby steps adds up when it comes to saving money. Quite often, it's the small luxuries in our everyday lives that prove most challenging for our personal piggy banks. But saving is not out of reach; you can start today. To jumpstart your monthly savings, here are 10 smart steps to save $300 this month.

1. Customize your cellular phone plan.

If you are only using 300 minutes of cellular phone usage per month, there's no reason to pay for 1,500 minutes of usage. Try to pay just for what you actually use.

2. Drive less.

Out of milk? With gas at nearly $3 a gallon, why not pedal or walk to the grocery store if you can? You'll feel energized and so will your wallet.

3. Cultivate your own garden.

Hosting a dinner party for your colleagues or friends? You can create homegrown mini table arrangements-a sprig from your lavender plant, or other favorite herb, and a stem of rosemary.

4. Visit your public library.

You're itching to read the latest bestseller but it's only available in hardcover for $25.95. Is it at your public library or perhaps one of your friends has splurged and owns it? Visit the library or create a book exchange with a group of friends.

5. Catch a matinee.

The latest big budget film is at the theater. Why not take the kids to the matinee and save cash. Skip the overpriced popcorn and soda and save even more.

6. Order water.

With soda at almost $2.50 a pop (no pun intended), why not just order water with your meal? It's healthier for your body and your wallet.

7. Good for the sole.

Your leather boots are on their last legs, or are they? Look up your local cobbler. For resole, reheel and polish, it will cost on average about $40.

8. Darn that sweater.

Your favorite sweater has a hole. Or is thin at the elbows? Don't despair-take it to your local tailor, where it can be darned or patched. The tweed look is a classic and so is frugality.

9. Share a glass.

Do you enjoy a nice glass of wine once in a while? Try sharing a glass with your dining partner.

10. Green gift giving.

Create a green gift bag filled with wrapping paper, ribbons and cards from gifts you've received. Repurpose the cards to create nametags, wrap gifts in the recycled paper (or pages from your favorite magazines), and retie with your eco-friendly ribbon.


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