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  • The Value of a Financial Advisor

    Find out how a financial advisor can help you and your family plan for life’s expenses, including retirement plans, savings and investments.

  • Donor Advised Funds Image Habitat For Humanity

    Donor Advised Funds: Family Giving Made Easy

    In 2014, Americans gave more than $358 billion to charity with nearly three-quarters of that amount coming directly from individuals. And while much of these donations come in the form of direct cash gifts, more and more individuals are turning to planned giving vehicles as a way to better manage their charity.

  • Catch Up With Your Retirement Savings

    Don't let the feeling that you've fallen behind keep you from saving.

  • Deciding When to Sell a Stock: Now or Later

    Know when to sell a stock? Follow a buy-and-hold strategy rather than buy and sell shares frequently. Learn how to recognize when it makes sense to sell a security.

  • Tips for Making Your First Investment

    Becoming a smart investor requires you to build savings. Then it’s time to decide what you want that money to do for you

  • What's Your Financial IQ

    The key to making sound choices, researchers say, is to understand three basic building blocks of finance: compounding, inflation and diversification.