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Business Owners: Understanding Where You Spend Your Time

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Most business owners have difficulty quantifying where they spend their time. The worksheet below is a powerful tool for determining how you spend your time.

Step 1: Know your Time

Take the time to complete this worksheet for one week, and you’ll be able to calculate the time invested by activity.

Step 2: Structure your Time

Draw an organizational chart that describes every job you do and all of the jobs in your company. Put a price on the time you invest in each job, so you have a true cost of doing it yourself. Create a not-to-do list of low-value activities. Fire yourself from at least one job and delegate it to someone else.

Step 3: Reallocate your Time

Consolidate time for consistent and continued work on improving the business. Reallocate your investment in time to high return on investment (ROI) activities, such as training and developing sales and service people, or knocking on doors for new business. Create an independent advisory board that expects a fair return on your time.

Time Worksheet


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