SunTrust CRA Public File

SunTrust has a long standing commitment to the communities we serve. Our goal is to help families, businesses, institutions and communities improve financial confidence. As a financial institution, it is our responsibility to meet regulatory guidelines however, our commitment extends beyond legislative requirements and is central to our efforts to help our communities grow and prosper. SunTrust has received a Satisfactory CRA rating from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta which is consistent with the prior exam evaluation for CRA.

The site includes information about SunTrust's branch and ATM locations, our products and services, regulatory performance evaluations of our record of meeting community credit needs, public comments about our CRA performance and other information.

SunTrust and BB&T are now Truist Bank. To learn more about Truist’s CRA performance covering all of the communities we serve, you can access the BB&T CRA Public File here as well.

Comments or questions about this site or about SunTrust's CRA performance may be addressed to:

SunTrust CRA Officer
SunTrust Banks, Inc.
P.O. Box 4418, Mail Code 663
Atlanta, Georgia 30302

Under the CRA the following information must be maintained in a public file and be current as of April 1 of each year.

  • All written comments received from the public for the current year and each of the prior two calendar years that specifically relate to the bank's performance in helping to meet community credit needs, and any response to the comments by the bank, if neither the comments nor the responses contain statements that reflect adversely on the good name or reputation of any persons other than the bank or publication of which would violate specific provisions of law. See: Public Comment Letters
  • A copy of the public section of the bank's most recent CRA Performance Evaluation prepared by the Board. See: Regulatory Documents
  • A list of bank branches, their street addresses, and geographies as well as hours of operation. See: Branch Information
  • A list of branches opened or closed by the bank during the current year and each of the prior two calendar years, their street addresses, and geographies. See: Open and Closed Branches
  • A list of loan and deposit products, transaction fees generally offered at the bank's branches and descriptions of material differences in the availability or cost of services at particular branches, if any. See:
  • A map of each assessment area showing the boundaries of the area and identifying the geographies contained within the area, either on the map or in a separate list. See: Assessment Areas
  • Any other information the bank chooses.

Additional information available to the public
Banks other than small banks shall include in their public file the following information pertaining to the bank and its affiliates, if applicable, for each of the prior two calendar years:

  • The bank's CRA disclosure statement shows small business and small farm activity as reported to our government agency. See: Regulatory Documents
  • A bank required to report home mortgage loan data shall include in its public file a written notice that the institution's HMDA Disclosure Statement may be obtained on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Web site at In addition, a bank that elected to have the Board consider the mortgage lending of an affiliate shall include in its public file the name of the affiliate and a written notice that the affiliate's HMDA Disclosure Statement may be obtained at the Bureau's Web site. See: Regulatory Documents

Updating: Except as otherwise provided in the regulation, a bank shall ensure that the information required by the Community Reinvestment Act is current as of April 1st of each year.

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