The Confidence Corner

At SunTrust, we're committed to advancing inclusion and diversity.

We're committed to advancing inclusion and diversity with our teammates, our clients and in our communities. Get inspiration from SunTrust's Chief Inclusion Officer, Wendy McSweeney, around how you can be confident and make an impact in the workplace and beyond.

Three Ways to Practice “Deep Listening”

You never really and truly know how you’ll connect with people, but if you listen, you may connect on a deeper level than you thought possible.

Expressing Empathy Starts from Within

We lead with the action of helping people feel inspired, connected and valued. Here are some ways to incorporate empathy into daily work interactions.

Having Important Conversations

How can we have courageous conversations in an effective way? It starts with being respectful and understanding.

A Lesson on Inclusion: Be Open to Others

If you are a leader, it’s your responsibility to help make sure everyone on the team feels included. Here are four tips to help you meet your team’s needs.

Wendy McSweeney

About the Author

Wendy McSweeney is an innovative catalyst, connector, and change agent with nearly ten years of success in building Inclusion & Diversity strategies that increase revenue, deepen client loyalty, and raise teammate productivity, engagement, and retention rates.