Grant Relationships SunTrust Foundation

Working Together to Make a Difference

The SunTrust Foundation supports a wide range of financial well-being efforts via grants. The national organizations we partner with are dedicated to making a difference on a large scale, and we're proud to help them in their missions.

United Way Worldwide

United Way is the SunTrust Foundation's signature giving campaign, and we are passionate about this supportive partnership.

Autism Speaks

We are proud to partner with Autism Speaks and support the development of a financial toolkit and mobile app to help parents of children with special needs create a financial plan.

Operation Hope

We work to provide financial literacy empowerment for youth, financial capability for communities, and ultimately, financial dignity for all.

American Red Cross

The SunTrust Foundation supports American Red Cross disaster relief efforts in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states.

Grameen America

We support Grameen America’s mission to help low-income women build small businesses to create better lives for themselves and their families.


Clearpoint helps low- to moderate-income families achieve financial stability through education, advice and tools.


We support NOBLE's cause to connect communities with local law enforcement to build trust, knowledge and confidence.


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