SunTrust Foundation Purpose

Building Financial Confidence

Helping people achieve their financial goals doesn’t stop at our front doors. It drives us to action in and around the communities that we serve. Everyone deserves a chance to live a life unburdened by financial stress and experience the freedom that comes from financial independence. The SunTrust Foundation is dedicated to helping those in need through a variety of philanthropic focuses:

Pie chart of various philanthropic focuses of SunTrust Foundation

Financial Well-Being

The SunTrust Foundation focuses on grants to not-for-profit organizations that help advance financial education and counseling, career-readiness/workforce development, and small business /entrepreneurship, while also supporting the unique needs of our communities. This support is limited to 501(c)(3) organizations.

Areas of Interest

Financial Education
Provides basic financial education/literacy for students and adults including:

  • Student financial education classroom instruction
  • Adult core curriculum covering topics such as budgeting and opening a bank account

Financial Counseling
Initiatives which assist people dealing with specific financial circumstances including:

  • Student debt
  • Financial aid or tax preparation support
  • Repairing and restoring credit
  • Affordable or permanent housing

Career Readiness/Workforce Development
Efforts to prepare students and adults for careers or improved job opportunities including:

  • All vocational training
  • Needs-based college or vocational school scholarships
  • Academic tutoring for at-risk students to assist them in achieving academic excellence

Small Business/Entrepreneurship
Initiatives to assist in the training, planning and creation of small businesses including:

  • Community Development Financial Institutions
  • Organizations which provide initial capital for small businesses
  • Training efforts for the effective financial management and creation of small businesses


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