SunTrust Bank Employee Assistance Programs

Save time as you aspire to secure good quality of life. SunTrust employee assistance programs offer guidance and solutions for life’s more complicated scenarios. It’s help you’ll be glad to have.

Employee assistance programs include:

  • Confidential counseling
  • Child and eldercare resources
  • Legal guidance
  • Adoption assistance

As a SunTrust employee, you’ll have access to Guidance Resources should you or your household members ever wish to speak with an experienced counselor.

  • Confidential counseling for both personal and professional issues
  • Experienced counselors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Five visits in any 12-month period at no expense

SunTrust recognizes the special needs of parents going through the adoption process. To help make the transition a smooth one, we provide up to $2,500 per adopted child and offer time off during the initial bonding period.

Planning for a trip or in the market for a big-ticket item? Guidance Resources can offer expert advice and money-saving tips on a number of consumer topics, including:

  • Purchasing a car
  • Buying a house
  • Entertaining family and friends
  • Planning a vacation
  • Relocating to a new city
  • Repairing your home
  • Obtaining a passport
  • Buying a computer

When you need assistance finding care for a child or aging parent, Guidance Resources can help you identify qualified caregivers, conduct background checks or locate third-party referral services you can trust.


SunTrust reserves the right to modify any or all components of the company's worklife and benefit plans at the sole discretion of management. Changes may occur with or without notice.

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      For more details about Wire Transfers with SunTrust, call 800.947.3786


      SunTrust incoming wire instructions:


      • For domestic incoming wires, use Routing ABA: 061000104
      • For international incoming wires, use SWIFT/BIC: SNTRUS3A
      • Beneficiary account number: SunTrust full account number
      • Beneficiary name: The name as it appears on the SunTrust account

      SunTrust incoming wire instructions are also available by calling 800.947.3786

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