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A thoughtful approach to constructing your portfolio

The investment experience of your portfolio impacts the ability of your organization to fulfill its mission. How do your short and long term goals reflect themselves in your investment strategy? Is your spending policy balancing the needs of the present and the responsibility to the future? What role does potential portfolio volatility play in your planning?

At SunTrust, our investment philosophy carefully accounts for each of these individual considerations, allowing us to take advantage of short-term tactical opportunities while staying grounded in the four fundamental truths that we believe consistently deliver successful outcomes:

  • Invest with a Purpose
    Your investments should do something, not just be something. Investing without a clear plan is like driving without a clear destination.
  • Adhere to a Disciplined Process
    Our consistent and disciplined approach helps you weather market fluctuations, while still providing enough flexibility to capture near-term opportunities.
  • Mitigate Unnecessary Risk
    We help to mitigate your investment risk through diversification, rebalancing and the pursuit of a total return strategy.
  • Select Investment Solutions Wisely
    We select the optimal mix of investments that aligns with your needs not ours.

What investment solution is right for your nonprofit?

Depending on the complexity of your portfolio and the in-house resources available, you may choose to outsource all or part of your investment management:

Discretionary investment management

An end-to-end Outsourced CIO solution through which we provide investment policy design, asset allocation, strategic implementation, manager selection, and ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing. Services include:

  • Investment policy creation and refinement
  • Strategic asset allocation guidance
  • Rigorous investment manager due diligence
  • Economic and market insights
  • Performance analysis, reporting and review
  • Spending policy development
  • Tactical asset allocation implementation
  • Active management and efficient policy execution
  • Focus on risk management
  • Liquidity management
  • Industry best practices

Non-discretionary investment management

SunTrust partners with your in-house investment team to deliver a wide range of support solutions that encompass custody, custom reporting and investment consulting including:

  • Investment policy consultation
  • Asset allocation, manager, and investment recommendations
  • Market and portfolio performance review
  • To learn more about SunTrust’s Foundations and Endowments Specialty Practice, or to schedule an in-person meeting Call 866.223.1499

There’s no right or wrong approach when it comes to deciding on a discretionary or non-discretionary investment model for your organization. Instead, a multitude of factors need to be weighed carefully.


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“How often will you rebalance our portfolio? What sort of events would prompt a shift in our asset allocation?” These are questions that we are often asked by our clients’ investment committees. The simple answer is that it should be dictated by the guidelines of your institution’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS).


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