Logistics and Supply Chain

Our sea, air, and inland ports serve as an epicenter of commerce with logistics, surface transportation, and distribution networks intersecting all aspects of our clients’ needs

The Industry Group helps clients navigate the opportunities and challenges associated with rapidly evolving economies and global supply chains. The Group leverages the entire Bank to optimize and efficiently address the specific needs of our Logistics and Supply Chain client.

Our Specialties include:

  • Logistics Services
  • Surface Transportation
  • Ports / Maritime
  • Supply Chain

Corporate & Commercial Banking Resource Center

  • Guard Owner Time to Avoid Zapping Growth

    Small businesses depend on owners, and when their attention is diverted, growth can stall. Protect an owner’s time to keep from depriving a growing business of the owner’s unique skill set.

  • Prevent Commercial Card Fraud and Streamline Your Business

    Corporate credit cards are simple to use and can help businesses streamline operations. Here are suggestions for optimizing the use of commercial cards and preventing employee fraud.

  • Poised for Expansion and Positioned for Growth Capital

    Many middle market businesses, driven by year over year sales growth, have an eye towards continued expansion, whether via organic growth or through acquisition. SunTrust offers tips on positioning to access capital to finance growth.

  • Lowering Cost of Capital

    Using leverage, particularly real estate financing, can help lower a business’s cost of capital and fund growth by rebalancing the capital mix.

  • Importing in a Dynamic Global Environment

    97% of importers are small to medium-sized businesses whose plans to build value for their companies includes global sourcing.