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Momentum onUp®: Workplace Financial Wellness

Momentum onUp® is an industry-leading workplace financial wellness program—with proven results to benefit your employees and your business.

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A unique values-based program for your employees

Created for organizations of all sizes, Momentum onUp® is more than just financial education. It's designed to inspire, educate, and equip employees by helping them manage their money based on what's most important to them.

Why do you need a financial wellness program?

Financial concerns are the #1 cause of workplace stress – which can lead to:

  • Lower commitment to the organization1
  • Less satisfaction with pay1
  • Work time wasted dealing with personal finances1
  • More absenteeism1
  • Poorer health1
  • 72%
  • of Americans report feeling stressed about money some of the time2
  • AND
  • 46%
  • of Americans live paycheck to paycheck3
  • AND
  • 27%
  • of Americans have no savings whatsoever4
  • OR

...and on top of all of this, 70% of employees believe their employer has little concern for their financial well-being.5

For your employees

This highly engaging curriculum includes courses, tools, and coaching. At its heart is a learning portal, optimized for mobile so it can be viewed on any device. Other employee benefits include:

  • A customized financial education profile
  • A choice of self-directed online modules or instructor-led training, offered onsite or virtually
  • Financial counseling, tools and solutions 6
  • My MoneyDesktop7 — We've teamed up with MX Technologies, Inc. (MX), for MX to provide a Personal Financial Management Tool that enables employees to manage their accounts, their debt, and their future all in one single view.
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For your company

To make launching and administering the program as simple as possible we provide support every step of the way, including:

  • A turn-key implementation guide
  • Experienced speakers to launch and energize the program
  • Program tracking and impact reporting dashboard
  • Ongoing program support from the SunTrust team
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What results can you expect?

When we implemented a financial wellness program at SunTrust, the results astounded us.

  • Over 15,000 of our teammates participated in the program
  • 73% have acted to improve their credit score
  • 62% feel less financial stress8

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"Employers who respond to their employees' financial needs will be rewarded with loyalty, gratitude, and improved productivity that will pay dividends for years to come."

— Journal of Employee Assistance

We are offering this program at cost – with no profit to SunTrust. Why? Because we're committed to moving millions of Americans from financial stress to confidence through the onUp Movement and we're looking to partner with companies, like yours.

There isn't a catch. We are 100% committed to keeping Momentum onUp advertisement free – we won't sell anything to your employees – and you can rest assured that all employee information remains confidential.

Our team will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have. To learn more, contact our team today.

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1 “Financial Distress Among American Workers Final Report: 30 Million Workers in America—One in Four—Are Seriously Financially Distressed and Dissatisfied Causing Negative Impacts on Individuals, Families, and Employers”, March 23, 2005. Link opens a new window
“The Negative Impact Of Employee Poor Personal Financial Behaviors On Employers”, E. Thomas Garman, 1996. Link opens a new window


3 SunTrust National Consumer Confidence Study 2016


5 SunTrust Q4 2016 Consumer Voice of Market survey

6 Financial counseling is provided by Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta, Inc. dba ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions (ClearPoint). It is not a product of SunTrust, and SunTrust makes no representations or warranties regarding ClearPoint or its services.

7 My Money Desktop is provided by MX Technologies inc (MX). It is not a product of SunTrust and SunTrust makes no representations or warranties regarding MX or the site.

8 Based on the findings of SunTrust’s 2015 Employee engagement Survey. Results may vary based on company, industry, and which program the company employs.


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