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Choose Our End-to-End Escrow Solutions to Help You Manage Your Escrow Account.

At SunTrust, we take the time to understand your unique needs and deliver a seamless experience with a dedicated single point of contact. We’ll help you achieve your transaction goals and save you time in managing your escrow account. Our streamlined processes, simplified record keeping and web-based reporting complement our personalized services.

SunTrust’s escrow solutions include:

  • Escrow agreement and instruction review
  • Account establishment
  • Access to high quality, daily liquidity products
  • Regular statement delivery and reporting
  • Ongoing escrow account resolution

In addition, our escrow solutions encompass an array of capabilities, such as foreign exchange, to facilitate your more complex and unique transactions.

We support a broad range of corporate transactions, including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • EB-5 Subscription escrows
  • Capital raising and subscriptions
  • Construction or project finance
  • Regulatory deposits
  • Litigation settlement
  • Good faith deposits
  • Performance guarantees
  • Bankruptcy deposits
  • Indemnity escrows
  • Artist-producer escrows

Contact a member of our team:

Deborah Spitale
Atlanta, GA
404.588.7191 (Office)
404.295.9150 (Cell)
Jon Fox
Orlando, FL
407.237.5240 (Office)
321.662.6182 (Cell)
Barbara Aubry 
New York, NY
212.303.4164 (Office)
917.364.7282 (Cell)
Steve Miles
Richmond, VA
804.782.7084 (Office)
804.690.3002 (Cell)

Resource Center

  • Managing Collections

    Learn strategies to electronify customer payments to move funds into working capital quickly, increase collections efficiency, support fraud prevention, and meet customer preference for easy payment.

  • Protecting from Fraud

    Electronification of payments offers added security and preventative measures that address many risks involved with ever-increasing fraud incidents in paper payments.

  • Reporting and Controlling Cash

    Electronifying payments creates an information trail that identifies forecasting trends, integrates operational and financial data, and improves cash control with a consolidated cash position view.

  • Developing Strategies for the Electronification of Payments

    Learn how to develop strategies to electronify payments and take advantage of processing efficiency, faster movement through the cash cycle and better control of your business’s capital

  • Directing Payments

    Unlock efficiencies in vendor and partner payment while upgrading working capital management and improving capital efficiency by using electronic payments.

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    PhoneFraud-Related Issues

  • Business Contact Center

  • 24-Hour Automated Assistance

  • Online Cash Manager

  • Fraud-Related Issues

  • Client Services
    866.448.6394 - Use this number for all states

  • Loan Servicing

  • Payroll Card Account Servicing

  • Treasury Technical Support

  • For details about Wire Transfers with SunTrust, call 1.800.947.3786 – options 1 & 4

    SunTrust Incoming wire instructions:

    • For Domestic incoming wire use Routing ABA: 061000104
    • For International incoming wire use SWIFT/BIC: SNTRUS3A
    • Beneficiary account number: SunTrust full account number
    • Beneficiary name: The name as it appears on the SunTrust account

    SunTrust Incoming wire instructions are also available by calling: 1.800.947.3786 – options 1 & 1