Spend Management with Enterprise Spend Platform

Powerful solutions to manage your spending.

As one of the nation’s top commercial card issuers, we understand how complicated enterprise spend management can be for companies of all types. To help you run your card programs as efficiently as possible and get the highest possible benefit they provide, we offer Enterprise Spend Platform, a comprehensive online solution for managing and analyzing corporate spending.

SunTrust Enterprise Spend Platform combines the standard features necessary for managing both your Corporate Card and Purchasing Card programs, along with other unique features not available with any single application in the market today. It provides you and your cardholders powerful benefits:

  • Flexibility to adapt to your business processes
  • Increased control and visibility
  • Reduced resource requirements
  • Easier program expansion and user adoption
  • Enhanced reporting and better business intelligence
  • Robust data integration to your ERP systems
  • One easy-to-use screen with access to up to five application modules that can be implemented as needed

To learn about Enterprise Spend Platform, call 866.448.6394, or learn more about the platform in tabs below.

  • Statement Manager

    • All the detail you need on one screen

      • View detailed statements for SunTrust Purchasing Card and Corporate Card programs
      • Pay outstanding balances online
      • Review presentments of third-party statements such as multinational commercial card partners—all from the same screen
  • Transaction Manager

    • Easily view and resolve outstanding items

      Manage transactions that require attention or actions, such as:

      • GL coding
      • Adding comments
      • Disputing transactions
      • Breaking out sales tax
      • Checking against corporate policies
      • Submitting for manager approval
      • Reviewing for approval status
  • Expense Manager

    • Streamline expense management and reporting

      •  Perform end-to-end expense reporting and reimbursement for both card and out-of-pocket transactions.
      • Automate company policies, attach receipt images, claim mileage reimbursement, and allocate to GLs
      • Add comments to the transaction and submit for management approval
  • Payables Manager

    • Move most invoice payments to Purchasing Card

      • Increases visibility of transactions
      • Allows purchases to be easily approved, tracked and reconciled
      • Reduces check fraud
      • Streamlines reconciliation and supplier management
      • Allows invoices that once would have been paid by check to be paid by Purchasing Card through a company-created A/P authorization file (instead of check runs)
      • Gives you a new level of control, insight and efficiency for virtually any invoice payment your company makes
  • Requisition Manager

    • Capabilities to help you expand card usage

      • Create pre-purchase forms to fit any buying need
      • Use customizable business rules to approve requests
      • Use automatic triggers to electronically fund specific cards and allow for immediate spend capability

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