Check Solutions

Our check solutions help you minimize losses and maximize your capital.

Managing check payments—and handling all the reconciliation, tracking and archiving that it requires—can be time-consuming, cumbersome and costly. SunTrust offers several check solutions to help you streamline processing, optimize cash and avoid fraud.

Account Reconciliation
Timely reconciliation helps you identify errors quickly and minimizes losses due to fraud or theft. Account Reconciliation from SunTrust gives you an easy way to automate the process. Our service matches and balances your account data, checking for errors and possible fraud, while freeing your staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Controlled Disbursement
More effectively manage daily cash flow and maximize working capital with our controlled disbursement service. You’ll receive early, same-day reporting of all checks that are presented for payment. Armed with this information, you and your staff will know how much money to transfer to your disbursement account, allowing you to avoid overdrafts and keep excess funds invested.

Image Delivery Services
Save on storage fees for cancelled paper checks and easily retrieve archived items. Our Image Delivery service transfers and indexes high-quality images of the front and back of all your checks onto easily searchable CD-ROMs, giving you and your staff fast access to archived checks.

Enterprise Payment Processing®
The tasks of printing, stuffing and mailing checks can be tedious and time-consuming. We can manage the job of processing accounts payable and employee payroll for you. You’ll save money on printing, postage and other check-processing costs—and free up your staff for other assignments. We can also handle expense reimbursements, rebates and dividend payments—as well as your electronic ACH payments. And we will assist you with reconciling data files between your accounting and systems areas.

To learn more, please contact your Treasury Sales Officer or Relationship Manager.

Some of the features of our check solutions are:

  • Reconciliation

    • Save time with Account Reconciliation

      • Full or partial reconciliation depending on your check volumes and your own accounts payable management system
      • Easy use in conjunction with subaccounts
      • Reconciled statements including a listing of paid checks, posted items, miscellaneous credits and debits
  • Disbursement

    • Optimize cash flow using controlled disbursement

      • Pinpoint exactly how much free cash you can put to work earning interest without risking underfunding
      • Minimize interest expense by knowing which checks will be disbursed each day and timing any loans against your line of credit for the best market rates
      • Reduce the amount of time staff must spend tracking accounts
  • CD-ROM Images

    • Modernize storage with CD-ROM Image Service

      • Allows you to search for a single check number or amount, or for a range of numbers, paid dates or amounts
      • Stores images of up to 25,000 paper checks on a single CD-ROM
      • Requires a fraction of the storage space needed by paper checks
      • Improves response time for requests of check copies
      • Lets you call up check images on screen for easy printing or emailing
  • Check Outsourcing

    • What Enterprise Payment Processing does for you

      • Reduces time you and your staff spend initiating and tracking payments
      • Minimizes your company’s exposure to check fraud
      • Allows easy online access to accounts, letting you view images of checks before they’re mailed
      • Allows you to perform critical tasks such as suspending payments
      • Eases the transition from paper-based to electronic payments by giving you a single payment stream to manage


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