Payments Fraud Protection

Prevent losses with our advanced fraud protection tools.

SunTrust understands that preventing fraud is a top priority for treasury professionals. Payments fraud in particular can be a serious threat to your business. It can occur at multiple points in the payment process, by anyone who comes into contact with account information. Unfortunately, the perpetrators are often employees or other trusted contacts. We provide a full suite of advanced fraud protection tools to automatically flag unauthorized transactions and help you prevent losses before they occur.

Check fraud protection
We offer two levels of check fraud protection, both of which help you improve decision-making, reduce costs and free your staff to focus on exception items rather than laborious manual reconciliation.

  • Positive Pay: Transmit your check issue records to SunTrust, and Positive Pay automatically ensures that any checks posted for payment match your records.
  • Controlled Payment Reconciliation: For businesses seeking an extra level of check fraud protection, we perform a daily review of your accounts and provide same-day notification of suspicious checks as well as daily disbursement reconciliation and funding information.

ACH Fraud Control
While ACH is efficient and cost-effective, ACH fraud is on the rise. You can increase control over ACH and continue to take advantage of its low cost and cash flow advantages. ACH Fraud Control lets you set parameters for which transactions are allowed. And with our online ACH access, you’ll have the tools you need to monitor electronic payments and block unauthorized ACH debits before they post to your account.

Commercial Card fraud protection
If your staff uses company credit cards, fraudulent or abusive spending by unscrupulous employees or unauthorized users can cost you countless dollars. Enterprise Spend Platform, our online card management program, gives you unprecedented control over your card program with tools to track and prevent unauthorized card purchases.

To learn more, please contact your Treasury Sales Officer or Relationship Manager.

Some of the features of our payments fraud protection solutions are:

  • Check Fraud

    • Reduce the risk of fraudulent checks

      • SunView Treasury Manager lets you receive exception notices, view check images, submit pay/no-pay decisions and more
      • Teller Access gives SunTrust branch personnel the ability to validate presented checks against your check issue file
      • Controlled Payment Reconciliation can be used for sub-accounts to provide accurate, same-day information for multiple disbursement units
  • ACH Fraud

    • Customizable protection with ACH Fraud Control

      • Receive detailed reporting on unauthorized debits
      • Customize your level of protection - block all ACH debits or review potentially unauthorized debits online before they post to your account
      • Safeguard your company’s sensitive account information by using a universal payment identification code (UPIC) to receive ACH payments
  • Commercial Cards

    • Prevent fraudulent or abusive purchases

      • Set ground rules for spending limits and permitted purchases to prevent unwanted usage before it occurs
      • Track company-wide and individual employee spending patterns with detailed transaction reports
      • Define policy on spending limits and permitted expenses with the Enterprise Spend Platform® Compliance Monitor feature—both you and you employees receive automatic e-mail alerts for transactions that fall outside the rules and require attention


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