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Tracking your account balances is a routine part of banking.

It can sometimes be tricky to know when that deposit is actually going to hit your account, or when the funds for the check you wrote are going to be withdrawn. We’ll help you understand the processing times and differences behind your account balances and transactions, as well as the standard order in which we post them.

Tracking Transaction

Ever notice that your debit card transactions don't always post in the same amount of time, that checks aren’t available immediately or that your account has two balances? To help make tracking transactions easier, we’ve broken down every nuance of your account activity.Learn More

Knowing When We Post Your Transactions

Different transactions come into SunTrust around the clock. You can see some right away, while you don’t see others until after nightly processing. Learn about our usual posting order for the most common transactions and any exceptions to the rules, to better understand how your account balances works.Go Now

Questions People Are Asking Around Tracking Balances

  • How do current balance and available balance differ?
  • Why is there a hold on my account?
  • When I make a deposit, when can I access the funds?
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