Managing Money

How can I better manage my money to help achieve financial confidence?

There are several ways you can manage your money with SunTrust—doing it better depends on how you're doing it now, and what banking tasks you most often complete. Each of the solutions below is designed to help you keep track of your account activity and balances, and bring a level of simplicity to your everyday money management needs. They each serve a unique purpose.

Banking Basics

Explore the list below to decide which one(s) will help improve your money management on your terms and align with how you like to bank.

  • Managing Money with Online Banking1

    • Money Management Features

      Comprehensive Account View
      See all of your SunTrust accounts in one secure place. Checking, savings, money market accounts, CDs, loans, IRAs and mortgages—it's all right there, making it easy to stay up-to-date and move money between them.
      Learn More About Money Transfers >

      Bill Pay
      Schedule and pay all your bills from one place, and even send payments to people. Plus, sign up for eBills to receive electronic versions of your paper bills and opt in to receive notifications when a bill is ready to view and pay.
      Learn More About Bill Pay >

      Finance Management Integration
      Download Online Banking files at no charge. Sign on and select the transactions you want from the current or previous statement period or from a specific range of dates. Upgrade to PC Banking to have them sent straight to personal finance software like Quicken or QuickBooks.
      Learn More About Our PC Banking Service >

      Online Banking Demo Videos >

      Sign Up for Online Banking with Bill Pay now.

      Online Banking is great for :

      • Checking your balance
      • Monitoring spending
      • Transferring funds
      • Paying bills
      • Viewing transaction history
      • Setting up alerts
      • Stopping a payment ($36 fee will apply)
      • Finding ATM/branch locations
      • Accessing your accounts anytime, anywhere
      • Viewing account statements and notices
  • Managing Money with Alerts

    • Alerts are great for:

      • Avoiding returned item and overdraft fees
      • Keeping track of transactions and knowing that you authorized them
      • Verifying any account changes you’ve made
      • Knowing when you need to deposit funds to your account
      • Being aware of potential payments you may have missed

      Kinds of Alerts Available

      Balance Alerts

      • Daily Balance Alerts send your available balance each morning
      • Low Balance Alerts tell you when your account falls below your specified amount
      • High Balance Alerts tell you when your account rises above your specified amount
      • Account Overdrawn Alerts are sent when account funds are insufficient

      Security Alerts

      • User ID and Password Change
      • Email Address Change
      • Security Question and Answer Change
      • Deposits Statement Delivery Method Change (online or paper)

      Fraud Alerts

      A third option for alerts from SunTrust is SMS fraud alerts.3 As long as your contact information is kept up to date, SunTrust will automatically alert you through SMS text or by phone to suspicious debit or credit card activity on your personal accounts. You'll respond with a "Y" or "N" to tell us "yes" the transaction is yours, or “no” it’s not.

      Learn More About Fraud Alerts >

      How to Set Up Alerts

      Balance and Security Alerts Set Up
      First, sign on to Online Banking—Haven’t signed up yet? Sign Up Now

      • Once you're logged in, click "My Settings," then choose "Alerts" from the menu
      • Next, add and verify your mobile number or email address
      • Then choose your alert preferences

      Fraud Alerts Set Up
      There are two ways to opt in to SMS Fraud Alerts:

      Call 800.SUNTRUST and mention you would like to sign up for SMS Fraud Alerts
      Stop by a local branch and tell a representative you want to get set up

  • Managing Money with Mobile Banking4

    • Money Management Features

      Multiple Methods for Use
      Having three mobile banking options (Mobile Apps, Text Banking and Mobile Alerts) to choose from gives you the flexibility to bank when, where and how you want. To determine which one is right for you, learn more about Mobile Banking.

      On-the-Go Features of Online Banking
      View all of your accounts in one place, set up alerts, pay bills, initiate transfers and more—all the great benefits of Online Banking are even better via Mobile. The flexibility and convenience to bank anytime, anywhere is the financial confidence you need for managing money better.

      Deposit Anywhere, Anytime
      You can make check deposits with our Mobile App. Simply sign and select "Deposit a Check" and "Make a Depost" in the Main Menu. Enter the "To" account and the deposit amount. Next, endorse the check and take a picture of the front and back and tap "Submit Deposit". Deposits made prior to 9 p.m. ET on a business day (Monday through Friday, except holidays) will generally be available the next day1. Deposits may be subject to a hold, which delays when those funds will be available to you. Learn more about deposit cut-off times and holds.

      More About Mobile Banking

      All three are great for:

      • Checking balances
      • Monitoring spending
      • Transferring funds
      • Paying bills
      • Viewing transaction history
      • Finding ATM/branches
      • Accessing accounts on the go
  • Managing Money via ATMs6

    • Our network of 2,000+ ATMs is great for:

      • Accessing money and making withdrawals
      • Checking account balances
      • Making transfers between your accounts
      • Making after-hours deposits

      Money Management Features

      Cash When You Need It
      With over 2,000 ATMs to choose from, SunTrust ATMs are a fast, convenient way to get access to cash. And, as a SunTrust client, you’ll never be charged a fee for using them.
      Find a SunTrust ATM Now >

      Multi-account View
      Much like Online and Mobile Banking, you can view information about multiple accounts at once, including your checking, savings and money market accounts. This can help you get a better idea of where you stand financially. Plus, you’ll be able to move money between those accounts right from the ATM.
      Find a SunTrust ATM Now >

      Fast and Easy Deposits—Even After Hours
      At any SunTrust ATM, use your debit card and PIN as usual, then choose “Make a Deposit.” When prompted, insert your cash or signed check(s). Confirm your deposits, and get a printed receipt with check images. Funds deposited by 9 p.m. ET are accessible next business day.5
      See deposit cut-off times >

      ATM with Teller Connect

      ATM with Teller Connect combines the convenience of self-service banking with the personal touch of a live person, making banking available during or after normal branch hours. While interacting with a remote SunTrust teller, you can cash or deposit checks, request withdrawals, deposit funds and transfer money—even after the branch is closed.    

  • Managing Money with a Check Register

    • Money Management Benefits

      You’re in Control
      Since it’s up to you to manually record your checking account transactions (debits, withdrawals, checks written, etc.) you’ll know exactly what your new account balance is when you update your register. Plus, the constant need to make updates and edits to the register means you’ll keep track of your balance on a regular basis and know what your available balance is at all times.

      Using Your Check Register

      example image of check register
      1. Date—Write down when your transaction happens
      2. Transaction—Jot down a description of the transaction to remind yourself
      3. Check number—Log the check number (if applicable)
      4. Payment amount—Record how much you spend
      5. Deposit amount—Record how much you deposit
      6. Balance—Calculate your balance

      A check register is great for logging:

  • Managing Money with Automated Phone Assistance

    • Money Management Features

      Flexibility to Call Anytime

      Simple touchtone and voice commands will help you get tasks done without ever having to talk to a SunTrust representative, so you won’t be limited to our bank branch and client contact center hours.

      Convenience to Call from Anywhere

      Since transactions and tasks are completed over the phone, you can use your mobile phone to take care of them no matter where you are. You won't need to be in front of a computer or come into a branch.

      Bilingual Options

      Our automated phone service recognizes both English and Spanish to accommodate and assist more of our client base.

      You'll need one of the following to get started:

      • Debit Card and PIN number OR
      • Your account number and the last 4 digits of your social security number or Tax ID

      Learn more about 24-Hour Automated Telephone Banking.  

      Automated assistance is great for:

      • Transferring funds
      • Placing a stop payment on a check ($36 fee will apply)
      • Checking your balances
      • Reviewing your last 20 transactions
      • Searching for a specific check
      • Managing your accounts when and where you want to


      In addition to the automated service, client contact center representatives are available Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m.–10 p.m. ET

  • Managing Money with In-branch Banking

    • Money Management Features

      Guidance and advice straight from the experts
      The teammates at our branches put your financial well-being at the center of their daily interactions and conversations. When you have questions about money management topics, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to our experts and get answers on the spot. Helping you achieve financial confidence is our passion and priority. No matter what you want to accomplish, we can help you understand the best ways to get it done based on your individual needs.

      Money Management Conversations Online

      As an alternative to in-branch conversations, we also offer an online chat service from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET daily. You can talk one-on-one with our representatives and have questions answered from the comfort of your computer. Simply start a chat when the window pops up, or initiate one on your own.

      Online chat is great for:

      • General assistance
      • Sales and service questions
      • Account issues
      • Credit card conversations
      • Online Banking matters
      • Some loan services

      Tip: For conversations relating to your existing account, you will need to provide your account information to the representative.

      There are 1,200+ branches that are great for:

      • Opening new accounts
      • Mortgages
      • Loans
      • Portfolio management
      • Retirement
      • Savings
      • And more

      No matter what your needs are, we’re always happy to help.

Avoiding fraud and protecting the security of your accounts goes hand in hand with better money management.

Part of managing your money well means keeping your accounts safe and protecting your information. Here are just a few of the fraud and security topics that could benefit your day-to-day money management.

Knowing what’s happening in the fraud and security landscape is a key part in safeguarding your accounts. The more you know what to watch out for, the more you’ll know what to avoid. 

Protecting you and your accounts is a priority to us, but the steps you can take to help are even more important. Learn how we protect you and your privacy, and what guarantees are in place for your security. Plus, see how you can protect yourself and what you can do better with our checklist.

In the event that you find yourself a victim, or even potential victim of fraud, it's important to report it as soon as possible. If your accounts have been affected, we want to help you restore them as smoothly and quickly as possible. No matter what the scenario, we're here for you.


SunTrust does not charge a fee for the use of SunTrust Online Banking with Bill Pay. However, fees may apply for certain transactions like expedited payments and transfers to non-SunTrust accounts.

SunTrust will never send unsolicited text messages. Mobile alerts and related text messages will be sent from SUN411 (786411). If you receive a suspicious text message, please report the incident to

SunTrust Fraud text alerts are free and supported by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile© and Metro PCS. Carriers not supported will not receive text messaging. Fraud Alerts and related text messages will be sent from (706-50). If you receive a suspicious text message, please report the incident to

SunTrust does not charge a fee for the use of SunTrust Mobile Banking. If you do not already have a data plan with your wireless service provider, normal data rates will apply for each device used. A SunTrust Online Banking account is required to enroll in any of the Mobile Banking services.

No fee Mobile Banking and Deposit: SunTrust Mobile Deposit is available with iOS and Android Mobile Apps - only for use in the United States and its territories.

Restrictions may apply. Subject to SunTrust Rules and Regulations for Deposit Accounts and SunTrust’s Funds Availability Policy.

No Fee for SunTrust ATM Use. Fees do apply for ATM-printed statements or mini-statements.

We are dedicated to providing you with safe, secure and dependable SunTrust Mobile Banking service. You can rest assured that the transactions performed using SunTrust Mobile Banking will be secure and completed correctly, provided that you adhere to the terms and conditions of the Online Services Agreement. In the unlikely event that someone establishes unauthorized access to your accounts through SunTrust Mobile Banking, you are 100% covered ($0 liability) for any funds removed from these accounts (including loss of interest, insufficient funds, and overdraft charges) when you contact us within sixty days of receiving your statement that contains the unauthorized activity. Read our Mobile Banking Guarantee.

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