Making Transactions

On any given day, you have several options for how money moves in and out of your account.

These various deposits and withdrawals make up your account activity. From debit card transactions to a variety of transfer options and more, we’ll give you the facts on how each one works.

Using Your Debit Card

Debit card transactions are some of the most common bank transactions you'll make. Understanding how they work (i.e., authorization and settlement) and what the benefits are (i.e., EMV chip technology and purchase guarantees) can help you decide when and how to use your card.

Completing Deposits, Transfers, Wires and More

Knowing your options for making deposits and withdrawals can help you take better care of daily financial tasks. Learn the ins and outs of non-debit card transactions like ATM, mobile and branch deposits, money transfers, bill pay and domestic and international wires.

Questions People Are Asking Around Making Bank Transactions
  • How do I dispute a debit or credit card transaction?
  • What do I do with my check after making my mobile deposit?
  • How do I make chip card transactions?

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