Understanding Bank Fees

Fees are common when it comes to banking.

Not all banks make it clear how to do that, but we do. And the even better news? Avoiding them is easy once you understand what your options are.

Overdraft Fees

The occasional overdraft is completely normal, but you want to minimize the monthly fees you incur because of it. From Overdraft and Returned Item Fees to Extended Overdraft Fees and more, we can help you understand the overdraft-related fees that exist and how to avoid them.

Account Maintenance and Other Fees

The services that a bank account provides are sometimes associated with fees, like a monthly maintenance fee or paper statement fee. There are also transactional fees like ATM, stop payment and deposited item returned fees. We make it easy to understand what these fees are so that you can avoid any that are associated with services that aren't useful to you.

Questions People Are Asking Around Understanding Fees
  • Why was I charged a fee when my account had enough money?
  • What is an Extended Overdraft Fee and how do I avoid it?
  • Under what circumstances could my account become overdrawn?

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