Identity Theft Warning Signs and Solutions

Report a Fraud

In the event that you become a victim, SunTrust’s fraud specialists will work with you to resolve issues that may affect your SunTrust accounts.

Signs of identity theft and other breaches.

  • You received an address or phone number change notice, but didn’t initiate a change
  • The amount of mail you receive has dropped significantly, or you notice that some of your usual mail is missing
  • You receive a call from your bank to confirm transactions you did not perform
  • There are unusual transactions on your account
  • There are unusual inquiries on your credit reports
  • Calls from a collection agency that you don’t recognize
  • Unsolicited credit cards arrive in the mail, but you never applied for one
  • You’ve experienced unexpected declines for loan or mortgage applications—despite your good credit
  • Lost or stolen checks, debit card, credit cards or ATM cards

Learn more: Refer to the Online Fraud and Identity Theft Guide  for additional information on protecting your identity and accounts.

What to do if you think you are a victim of fraud.

If you are a victim of identity theft or your credit is compromised:

  • Alert the credit bureaus. Contact all of the major credit bureaus’ fraud department: Equifax (800.349.9960)Experian (888.397.3742), TransUnion (888.909.8872). Be sure you have a fraud alert placed on your account—it’s free!
  • File a report with your local police department, take a copy of your FTC Identity Theft Affidavit, a photo ID, proof of address and any evidence you have of the theft with you
  • Freeze your Credit. Consider placing a credit freeze on your profile. A credit freeze makes it harder for someone to obtain new accounts in your name. Be aware, however, that you will need to lift the freeze on your credit file should you want to open a new deposit account or if you seek any type of loan (including credit cards). Each of the three credit bureaus offers a way for you to place and lift credit freezes online.
  • Get a copy of your credit report by visiting or calling 1-877-322-8228
  • Report identity theft to the FTC by filling out their online complaint form or calling 1-877.ID.THEFT (1.877.438.4338)
  • Enroll in Credit Monitoring: Monitor your credit reports, and check for any new accounts you don’t recognize. The company responsible for exposing your information may offer free credit monitoring for which you can enroll. Enroll in SunTrust’s complimentary, identity theft monitoring and protection service through Experian’s IDNotifyTM
  • For a step-by-step guide on how to handle specific identity theft scenarios like tax-related identity theft, misused Social Security number, medical identity theft, etc.,  visit

If your Bank account(s), or Debit/Credit Card(s) is compromised:

  • Review your account history and recent transactions for any suspicious activity.
  • Contact the issuing bank/card issuer to cancel your card, place stop payment on checks, freeze your account(s) that have been compromised and open new ones (as needed).  Call 877.447.8994.8994 to report a lost or stolen SunTrust Credit Card.
  • Be prepared to identify which transactions are fraudulent. Once a claim is started and the transaction is disputed, an investigation will be opened and a provisional credit will be applied to your account within 10 days of reporting the fraud.  The provisional credit will be made permanent at the end of the investigation, if fraud is confirmed.
  • Lock your SunTrust Consumer Credit/Debit Card instantly if you misplace it or want to put a hold on spending. You can lock or unlock your SunTrust credit card through online or mobile banking or by calling 877.864.8994. Locking prevents all new or unauthorized credit card transactions, but automatic or recurring transactions will continue to post. (Note:  feature is only available for Primary and Secondary cardholders. Cards of Authorized users will continue to be active.)
  • Update your card/bank account information as needed on applicable automatic payments/Bill Pay items.

Important Note:  If you have recently filed a fraud claim with SunTrust and have not transitioned to a new account then we ask that you contact SunTrust to close your current account and open a new replacement account(s) as soon as possible by visiting a branch or calling us at 1.800.SUNTRUST. To replace a business account, visit one of our branches. Please review your existing account in advance and identify any recurring automated transactions we will need to honor. We will need this information when we open the replacement account.

If your online identity is compromised:

  • Change the logins, passwords and PINs for all of your accounts.
  • Changing your SunTrust User ID and Password simply requires logging into SunTrust Online banking through the SunTrust Mobile App or User IDs and Passwords can be changed by clicking “My Settings” in Online Banking or selecting “Settings” in Mobile Banking.
    • If you are unable to log onto Online Banking then contact SunTrust eServicing Customer Care at 1.800.382.3232.

Learn more: Refer to the Online Fraud and Identity Theft GuideLink opens a new window  for additional information on protecting your identity and accounts.

To report a new claim:

  • Call 1.800.447.8994
  • International Number: 1.800.STTRAVEL (1.800.788.7283), or call collect at 407.762.5777.

To expedite your call, please have the following information available:

  • Your account number and/or debit card number
  • Date and amount of suspected fraudulent transaction
  • Pen and paper to record your case number

Suspicious SunTrust emails (phishing), Texts (SmiShing),  suspicious calls (Vishing) and other scams:     

  • Forward information to
  • You will receive an automated response to let you know that we received your email.

What Happens Next?

Step 1: A fraud specialist teammate will review questionable transactions and provide guidance.

Step 2: Complete requested documents which may be required to process a claim.

Step 3: SunTrust will apply missing funds from fraudulent transactions within 10 business days of claim submission. These are temporary until investigation is complete.

Step 4: SunTrust completes the investigation. If activity is found to be fraudulently initiated then preliminary credit is made permanent, usually within 10 days, but up to 90 days after the of start of the investigation.

Step 5: SunTrust communicates the results of the investigation. This may be done via mail or phone and may include additional follow up steps for account security.

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