Free Identity Theft & Credit Monitoring

It’s your identity.We are helping you protect it with IDnotify by Experian.

Being confident about the security of your private information can be challenging in today’s digital world. That’s why SunTrust takes identity theft seriously by offering features and benefits that now come standard with your account, like free identity protection and free credit monitoring through a partnership with Experian. Help us stop fraud before it starts, by enrolling for free in IDnotify.

What SunTrust clients get with IDnotify, once enrolled:

  • Free Identity Monitoring through IDnotify, a part of Experian, including Dark Web Monitoring
  • Free credit report from Experian on signup
  • Free credit monitoring through Experian to look for signs of identity theft
  • Free, on-going call center support through Experian including FAQ and enrollment
  • Access to Experian Identity Restoration Specialists to help address credit and non-credit related fraud
  • Up to $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance to cover certain costs associated with a stolen identity event, subject to the terms of the policy*

8 Tips to Minimize Your Risk of Identity Theft

  1. Keep important documents at home. Don’t carry extra credit cards, Social Security cards, birth certificates or passports outside the house
  2. Pick up checks in person. When ordering new checks, pick them up at the bank instead of having them sent to your home. This makes it harder for your checks to be stolen, altered, and cashed by identity thieves.
  3. Think before you share. Save your bank's confirmed phone numbers in your phone so that you know you are speaking with an actual representative and not an identity thief.
  4. Consider investing in a shredder. Shred your receipts, credit card offers, bank statements, returned checks and any other sensitive information before throwing it away.
  5. Cover your bases. Ensure that your employer, landlord and anyone else with access to your personal data keeps your records safe.
  6. Read your credit report. Make sure your credit reports are accurate. If you spot an inaccuracy, follow up.
  7. Keep your SSN under wraps. Do not print or write down your SSN on any document that could fall into the hands of identity thieves — like checks.
  8. Don’t use weak passwords. Using passwords that include a mix of letters, numbers and special characters makes it harder for identity thieves to crack these codes.

You Could Spot Identity Theft by Reading Your Credit Report

  • Look for mistakes.
    In some cases, a credit reporting agency may make mistakes. A typo or an incorrect address on your report may be a simple oversight — or, it could indicate that an identity theft event has occurred.
  • Make sure you recognize new lines of credit.
    Identity thieves may use an element of your identity to open a new credit card account, or even apply for a mortgage, car loan, personal loan or other line of credit. If you see an account pop up that you don’t recognize, it could be an indication of identity theft.
  • Be aware of delinquent accounts.
    When a criminal uses a non-credit identity element fraudulently, you might be able to detect the identity theft event on your credit report. A criminal might use your identity elements to pay for medical expenses, apply for a pay day loan, or initiate other transactions that don't require a credit check. Then, when the criminal doesn’t pay the bill, the account may end up in collections and pop up as a delinquent account on your credit report.
  • New names may be more than mistakes.
    Your credit report will reflect all of the names you have used when applying for credit. This may include variations of the same name — think John Doe vs. J. Doe — and maiden names. But when you see a completely different name on your report, it might be an indication of identity theft.

Protect Your Identity Using SunTrust Services:

blue mobile phone icon

Set up "Alerts" and be notified of any unusual activity or charges via mobile alerts from SunTrust:

  • Be notified of any charges above a dollar amount that you choose on your SunTrust debit and credit cards.
  • Be notified in the event of any international transactions made with your SunTrust debit and credit cards.
  • Be notified of any online or phone transactions where the physical SunTrust debit or credit card is not present for a transaction.
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Online Banking gives you confidence and control anywhere anytime:

  • Access your accounts from any computer, smartphone or tablet, 24 hours a day
  • Online Banking lets you view balances, transfer funds, pay bills and update your profile from one location, when it’s convenient for you
  • Choose Online statements to keep private information out of your mailbox
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to check my Credit Report every month?

In the past, experts advised you look over credit reports from each of the three major bureaus (Experian, Equifax and Transunion) on an annual basis. The reason was simple: in the event you ever needed to apply for credit, you wanted the best possible credit score to assure you would get a competitive rate for taking out a loan.

With so much private and financial information available online, all it takes is one cyber-attack to release data that could expose you to identity theft or credit card fraud. Checking your credit report monthly is now advised, as well as having a credit monitoring service to warn you of any unusual or suspicious activity.

How do I get mobile alerts on my phone?

Mobile Alerts offer customers an opportunity to receive alerts for:

  • Daily balance
  • Low balance or high balance
  • Overdrawn account
  • User ID, password or email address change
  • Security question and answer change
  • Statement delivery method change
  • Transaction Amount Alerts
  • International Transaction Alerts
  • Online or Phone Transaction Alerts

Follow these steps to set up your alerts:

  • Sign on to Mobile Banking. Tap the Main Menu, then Alerts; or sign on to Online Banking, click on, My Settings, then Alerts
  • Add and verify your mobile number
  • Set up your alerts and preferences, and Save

Why should I register for Online Banking?

  • Managing your finances is easy with 24-hour access to your accounts from any computer.
  • Online Banking lets you view balances, transfer funds, pay bills and update your profile from one location, when it’s convenient for you.


Service will be cancelled for clients who no longer have any active accounts with SunTrust. Clients with only Business or Organizational products or services do not qualify for IDnotify.

Experian and the Experian marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.

* Insurance is provided by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty. Reimbursement is underwritten by Interstate Fire & Casualty Company. This benefit is underwritten pursuant to an identity fraud blanket or group policy issued to CSIdentity Corporation, a Delaware Corporation. Coverage is subject to the conditions and exclusions in the Terms and Conditions in all states. Coverage is provided to residents of the United States and U.S. territories and possessions.

See a summary of Identity Fraud Reimbursement Coverage.Link opens a new window

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