How You Can Protect Yourself From Fraud

Keeping your accounts and information secure is our top priority. While we have extensive programs in place to safeguard your information, we’re most effective when we are able to coordinate and work together with you. Here are some simple tips to help you better protect yourself from fraud and identity theft:

  • Sign Up for Alerts

    • Fraud Alerts. Stop by a branch or call 1.800.SUNTRUST to sign up for fraud alerts.

      1. SunTrust will automatically alert you through text, or by phone call, to suspicious debit or credit card activity on your personal accounts.
      2. You text back a "Y" (yes) or "N" (no).
      3. If you text "N" to tell us it's not your purchase, we'll stop the transaction and text you a number to call to validate outstanding charges, prevent any further fraud, and start the process of getting you a new card.

      Account and Transaction Alerts. Sign on to Online or Mobile Banking to manage account and transaction alerts.

      1. Verify your mobile number, if you want to receive alerts via text.
      2. Choose how you want to receive your alerts – email, text, or both.
      3. Choose the alerts you want to receive. Account alerts include password changes and  balances below a certain amount. 
      4. Transaction alerts include card transactions over a certain amount and transactions where the card was not present.

      Learn more about these alerts here.

  • Keep Your Devices Safe

      • Create strong and unique usernames and passwords for each account. Do not reuse usernames and passwords on multiple websites. If you are using the same credentials at other sites we advise you to change them immediately.
      • Select a strong password. Your password should combine numbers, letters (lower case and capital) and at least one special character. Consider creating a passphrase which is a series of words and characters to make a password more memorable. An example of a passphrase would be B3Pres3ntN0W! which helps to make your password more complex and easier to remember.
      • Secure your device(s).  When you obtain a new device, standard security settings are not very strong.  When you setup your device, make sure you have it set to automatically install application and system updates.
      • Keep your profile information up to date. Ensure SunTrust has your correct phone number, address and email on file so we can contact you should we suspect any fraudulent activity.
      • Avoid storing sensitive information on your device like passwords or a social security number.  Log out when you finish a digital banking session.
      • Beware of online and mobile phishing/social engineering.  Avoid opening suspicious links and attachments in emails and texts, especially from senders you don’t know.
      • Lock your device. Enable the locking feature on your device, which will require a PIN, passcode, fingerprint or other action required to unlock the device.
      • Utilize biometric authentication when available. Use biometric authentication such as facial recognition or fingerprint, if your device (or an application on your device) offers it. The SunTrust Mobile App, for example, offers fingerprint authentication to iPhone and Android clients who select it.
      • Only use trusted wireless networks and avoid public Wi-Fi.  Ensure you are always connected securely to protect your personal data and account information and only perform financial transaction(s) on a secure network. We also recommend using VPN which establishes a secure private connection.
      • Backup your devices and data. Use another trusted device such as a laptop or desktop computer or a trusted cloud-based service and ensure that you review their privacy and security policies.
      • Download the updates for your operating system and apps.
      • Be careful what you download. Use another trusted device such as a laptop or desktop computer or a trusted cloud-based service and ensure that you review their privacy and security policies..
      • Protect your computer and phone from viruses and malicious software (malware) by installing security software.
      • Wipe your computer or mobile device before you donate, sell or trade it.
      • Report any suspected fraud to SunTrust immediately by calling 1.800.447.8994.
      • Report loss or theft of any device. If your phone is lost or stolen, inform your carrier immediately.
  • Calls and Texts Safety

      • Never provide personal information (Social Security numbers, account/credit card information, etc.) over the phone unless you have initiated the call or have verified the caller.
      • Accept and return SunTrust calls regarding questions about a recent application or transaction as soon as possible.  This helps us establish whether the transaction or inquiry is legitimate.
      • Don’t ignore collection calls for debts you don’t owe. This is a potential sign of identity theft.
      • Report to SunTrust voicemails and texts that ask you to verify SunTrust information by calling us at 1.800.SUNTRUST or visiting a branch.
      • Use secure messaging in Online Banking to ensure that information is transmitted safely.
  • Email Safety

      • Be wary of unsolicited emails; don’t click on links or respond in any way. They may contain harmful viruses, and if they want personal information, they’re likely scams. 
      • Some tips for identifying suspicious emails: look for misspellings, beware of urgent language in the subject line, notice lack of details in the email signature (legitimate businesses provide contact details).
      • Forward any texts, suspicious calls, or emails claiming to be SunTrust to Be aware of any email that asks you to change your email address/password, update your online account, or are notifying you about system, technical or technology updates at SunTrust or other companies.
      • SunTrust Client Commitment: SunTrust will never send unsolicited emails asking you to reveal or verify personal or account information, such as passwords, Social Security numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs), one-time-passcodes, credit or check card numbers or other confidential information. As always, SunTrust respects your privacy.
  • Card Safety

      • Memorize PINs—do not write them down.
      • Never share your PIN with anyone.
      • When creating your own, avoid obvious PINs like your birthday, address or other personal information.
      • Only shop on secure websites. If a merchant website shows any spelling or grammatical errors be aware that these are signs that the site may not be legitimate. Be aware that the fraudsters are creating websites with https:// and padlock that are potentially phishing sites.
      • Never send your card number via email.
      • Report a lost or stolen card immediately. Call 1.800.447.8994.
      • Check statements for unfamiliar transactions.
      • Destroy duplicate receipts.
      • Carry only the cards you need.
      • Sign up for text alerts and respond to them promptly if we ask you to verify a transaction
  • ATM Safety

      • Avoid using an ATM alone at night; if you must, be sure the area is well lit.
      • Don't use an ATM if you notice suspicious activity nearby.
      • Don't use an ATM if the machine looks like it has been tampered with in any way.
      • Don't count your money at an ATM.
      • Keep your car running, doors locked and windows up when at a drive-up ATM.
      • Fill out any forms before you use an ATM.
  • Mail Safety

      • Don’t ignore address change notifications. If you receive a notice and you did not change your address, call SunTrust immediately at 1.800.447.8994.
      • Notify SunTrust if you do not receive a statement or bill on time to make sure the address has not been changed or your bill has not been stolen from the mail.
      • Enroll in Digital Banking, if you haven’t already, and change your statement delivery to paperless eStatement (electronic delivery).
      • Check your mail daily. If you notice a sudden and persistent drop off in the amount of mail you normally receive, check with the post office to determine if someone has instructed them of an address change.
      • Sign up for a free service called USPS Informed Delivery which allows you to digitally preview your mail and manage your packages scheduled to arrive. For more information on how to enroll, visit
      • Place outgoing mail in a U.S. Postal Service box to reduce mail theft.
      • Shred account statements and other documents with sensitive information.
      • Destroy any pre-approved credit offers that you don’t intend to use.
      • Avoid putting personal information, such as a driver’s license number and date of birth, on checks.
      • Store personal checks in a safe place where no one you don't trust can have access to them to ensure account information cannot easily be found.
      • Sign up for direct deposit to have funds put directly into your account instead of having checks sent through the mail.

If you notice any unauthorized activity in your account or believe your personal account information has been compromised, please contact SunTrust immediately at 1.800.447.8994.

Visit our Theft Signs & Solutions page to learn more on what to watch out for.


1 Standard carrier messaging rates do not apply. SunTrust Fraud text alerts are free and supported by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile© and Metro PCS. Carriers not supported will not receive text messaging.


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