The Pinnacle of Wealth Management

SunTrust Private Wealth clients with $25MM+ in managed investments have access to the GenSpring client experience. In order to provide the sophisticated expertise needed to proactively advise relationship of this complexity, GenSpring professionals have our lowest client-to-advisor ratio.

Low Client-to-Advisor Ratio

In order to provide the level of service GenSpring clients deserve, our teams are singularly focused on relationships with $25MM+ and managing the associated complexities that come with significant wealth.

Anticipate Your Needs

In order to provide the level of service GenSpring clients deserve, our teams have an extremely low client-to-advisor ratio.

Singular Focus

GenSpring advisors are singularly focused on serving ultra-high-net-worth clients within SunTrust Private Wealth.

Career Specialists in
Family Wealth

Our advice is based on having both time and ability to proactively manage the associated complexities that come with
significant wealth.

Investment Expertise

U-HNW investors are matched with highly credentialed professionals that have sophisticated expertise in identifying unique opportunities and investing for the long-term, across full market cycles, to support client goals.

  • Focused on absolute returns, not relative returns, to enhance the likelihood of achieving your goals and sustaining your wealth.
  • Your portfolio is designed entirely from your perspective—no two families are alike therefore no two portfolios are alike. Your portfolio is customized to achieve your unique goals.
  • Access to some of the world’s foremost investment managers.

Collaborative Community

For GenSpring, and the clients we serve, learning is a constant process. It comes from sharing stories, capturing best practices and exploring new ideas.

We have a long history of creating opportunities for members to engage in peer to peer learning events that are designed to both educate and entertain.

Family Symposium

A conference style event featuring family wealth topics designed to interest members of varying generations.

Next Generation Forum

Exclusive learning event for members in their 20s and 30s to explore areas of common interest.

Women & Wealth Initiative

Provides opportunity for our female client base to gather on topics most relevant to their needs.

Governance & Education

GenSpring’s dedicated team of governance and education specialists delivers a customized experience designed to enhance a family’s ability to sustain wealth for multiple generations.

Family governance, at its core, is essentially joint decision making.

Who needs family governance?

Family members who are working together towards a common goal or are interested in passing wealth over multiple generations; it is especially important for families with shared assets.

  • Owning a family business
  • Managing commercial real estate
  • Overseeing a foundation
  • Making decisions around entities that hold assets, like Trusts, LLCs, FLPs, etc.
  • Managing a shared vacation property

What are the benefits?

Families that establish successful family governance and adhere to what they created often have profound rewards

  • Enhance communication
  • Reduce potential conflict
  • Educate the next generation
  • Preserve the family legacy
  • Sustain the family capital
  • Build family leaders for the future

Family Education provides clients the tools needed to help them encourage productive,
responsible, and passionate next generation wealth owners.

Personal Money Management

Banking, saving, goal setting,
budgeting, credit

Wealth Preservation

Taxes, identity theft, pre-nuptial agreements, estate planning, insurance, trusts


Investing options, risk and return, portfolio considerations, reviewing reports

Personal & Professional Development

Personal goal setting, entrepreneurship, college planning, career planning


Ways to give, finding a focus, conducting due diligence, collective giving

Family Wealth

Family history, family communication, financial parenting, communicating planning intentions

The programs are delivered in one-on-one or group settings for members starting
as young as age five and span well into adulthood.

Enhanced Reporting

A complete view provides transparency. Through consolidated portfolio reporting and analysis you have access to a complete view for all of your family, entity, and trust assets across investment managers and custodians.


See how all portfolios and private investments are performing individually and in aggregate


View asset allocation across all providers and custodians to identify duplicative or missing allocations as well as the investment strengths of specific providers


Recognize your true risk profile and associated returns


Include or exclude single stock concentrations or other positions to understand the portfolio’s risk, return, and allocation