If you owned an operating business worth $15MM, $40MM, $100MM or more, wouldn’t you make certain that the business had a defined mission, a strategic plan and regular shareholder meetings? A family with significant financial assets requires the same effective strategy and communication. GenSpring has developed tools to help families successfully oversee all their assets and to think holistically about their whole Family Enterprise.

Wealth Priorities Experience™

Based on GenSpring’s 25 Best Practices for Multi-generational Families, this tool is designed to help families assess their current activity against the recommended best practices to determine where they are doing well and where they need to build additional competencies. This allows the family to gain consensus around how to move forward in their quest to prepare themselves for a successful future.

Values & Mission Process

Family cohesiveness is strongest in families that have a clear understanding of the values they share, identify a common purpose or vision, communicate effectively and have learned to work together successfully. Starting with the creation of a mission statement based on their shared values, GenSpring’s tools provide families with a deep level of clarity and understanding of their personal and shared contributions to the Family Enterprise, leading toward improved teamwork and communication.

Family Meetings

Most families recognize their financial capital is important so they hire gifted estate planning attorneys, investment managers, and accountants to manage their assets. Lesser known, but equally as important, is having advisors to help families grow their human and intellectual capital. Convening members to discuss the business of the family helps bring meaning to their wealth, creates alignment and understanding of what motivates them to action and builds the family legacy.


With great wealth comes great responsibility. Our education offering is focused on equipping family members to manage their financial lives with confidence as well as preparing them for the responsibilities of life with wealth. Programs provide clients the tools needed to encourage productive, responsible and passionate next generation wealth owners.