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Real Estate Taxes

If you have real estate tax questions, we have the answers...starting with these most commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SunTrust Mortgage obtain my real estate tax information?

SunTrust Mortgage obtains tax amounts based on the parcel number. The parcel number identifies property based on the legal descriptions and property addresses from the tax and/or assessor's office.  Tax amounts are obtained in an automated manner from the taxing localities, except in those areas where the tax office does not release bills to a third party.  If this is the case, you will receive a letter requesting that you forward your real estate tax bill to us.

What real estate tax bills are paid from my escrow account?

Regular real estate tax bills are paid on your behalf by SunTrust Mortgage from your escrow account.  Occasionally, your local government may charge you an additional amount affecting your property - which is not covered by your escrow account and which will remain your responsibility.  Examples of the bills you are responsible for paying include, but are not limited to, supplemental, Pro-Rata, ½  Year or ¾ Year Levy, special assessment, solid waste, utility, HOA (Homeowner Association) and water/sewer usage bills.  Your escrow account does not include funds to pay these bills.

How are my real estate taxes paid?

We obtain your real estate tax amount based on your tax identification number/assessor parcel number and pays it from the funds in your escrow account. Most taxes are paid in large quantities in an automated manner. Taxes are paid prior to the due date. If you are eligible for an early pay discount, your taxes will be paid early enough to realize that discount.

If you did not opt to have an escrow account, you are responsible for paying all real estate taxes. Payment receipts should be forwarded to SunTrust Mortgage at the address provided below once payment is made. This allows us to maintain an accurate real estate tax record.

Please place your 10 digit loan number on any receipts and send to the address below:

Tax Department
Attention: SunTrust -0011883
P.O. Box 961247
Ft Worth, TX 76161-0247
Who can answer questions about my real estate tax bill?

Questions about real estate tax increases, your assessed value and tax rates can best be answered by directly contacting your local real estate taxing authority.

What should I do if I receive a real estate tax bill in the mail?

Please write your loan number on your real estate tax bill and forward it to:

Tax Department: SunTrust - 0011883
P. O. Box 92370
Rochester, NY 14692

If you receive a real estate tax bill marked "COPY" or "FOR YOUR INFORMATION," you do not need to send it to SunTrust Mortgage.

Will SunTrust Mortgage pay your interim/supplemental/pro rata/occupancy real estate bill on your behalf?

Yes. If you would like us to pay an interim/supplemental/pro rata/occupancy real estate bill, notify Client Services or fax your tax bill to:

If we pay your supplemental bill, it may result in an increase in your monthly mortgage payment as funds are not held in escrow. In the event your taxing locality provides us with information regarding supplemental bills, we will disburse funds from escrow.

If SunTrust pays your supplemental bill, it may result in an increase in your monthly mortgage payment as funds are not held in escrow. Your real estate taxing authority can provide information about homestead exemptions. Some localities offer homestead exemptions which result in lower taxes for persons who reside in the property. All bills or documentation pertaining to taxes can be faxed to our Tax Customer Service Department at 817.826.0436. (Please remember to include your SunTrust Mortgage loan number.)

Are real estate taxes deductible on my income tax return?

Yes, real estate taxes are usually deductible if you itemize deductions on your tax return.  However, you should consult your tax advisor for more information.

How do I handle a Special Assessment Tax Bill?

A special assessment may be charged against your property because of improvements from which you benefit, including street and sidewalk repairs or sewer construction.  If you receive this interim/supplemental/pro rata/occupancy bill, it is very important that you pay it, because SunTrust Mortgage has no knowledge of this bill and did not plan for payment of the bill from your escrow account.

New Construction:
Typically, the first real estate bill for new construction is for the lot/land only.  You may receive an interim/supplemental/pro rata/occupancy real estate tax bill, because in most cases collection for this bill is not included in the current escrow collection and SunTrust Mortgage has not received a bill.

For more information, contact SunTrust Mortgage Client Services at 800.634.7928.

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