Mortgage Cash-out Refinancing

Have you been thinking about a big purchase, like a home-improvement project or a new car? If so, you may be able to use the significant equity in your home to your advantage, by withdrawing a sizeable about of cash with only a modest if any, change to your payment. Explore Cash-out Refinancing1 with SunTrust Mortgage.

Cash-out Refinancing: What you need to know

  • You can use the funds to make home improvements that add value to your property, pay college tuition, or pay off high-interest credit card debt - just remember to pay any new credit card balances in full and on time to get the full benefit of debt payoff.
  • Interest rates can be lower in a cash-out refinance than on a home equity loan, home-improvement loan or business start-up loan. Check Current Rates.
  • Rolling your high-interest debt into a mortgage payment can yield tax benefits.
  • Discuss closing-cost fees for cash-out refinancing with your loan officer.
  • Consider how a cash-out refinance will affect timing for paying off your mortgage.

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1 Cash-out Refinance not currently offered in Texas. Availability and cash-out amount are both subject to loan-to-value ratio requirements.

2 Consult your financial and tax advisor for advice regarding tax details and the advisability of converting other debt to debt secured by your home.


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