Our Investment Philosophy

Grounded in common sense.

Successful investing isn’t magic – it’s simply a matter of understanding your goals in life, considering your appetite for risk and selecting the mix of investments that will give you the greatest probability of success without keeping you up at night.

At SunTrust Investment Services (STIS), our investment philosophy relies on four pillars of successful investing:

Invest with a Purpose
Your investments should DO something, not just BE something. The success of your investment strategy should be measured by progress toward, and attainment of, your goals.

Adhere to a Disciplined Process
A consistent and disciplined process gives you the long-term focus to weather periods of market turmoil, while still allowing you to potentially capitalize on short-term opportunities.

Mitigate Unnecessary Risk
We strive to mitigate investment risk through diversification, rebalancing and a total return approach that maintains your portfolio in alignment with your unique risk profile.

Select Investment Solutions Wisely
Working together, we’ll select the mix of investments that best fits with your financial circumstances, goals and personal preferences.

SunTrust Investment Advisory Group’s Market Perspective provides timely insights into current market events and explains what the latest events might imply for your portfolio and your investment decisions.


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