Compare Types of Investments

Investment knowledge is the foundation of a strong portfolio.

While you don’t need to become an investment guru, knowing which investment types you own, and how each one impacts your portfolio will help you feel more confident about reaching your goals.

Investment type What is it? How might it help my portfolio?
Stocks Ownership shares in publicly traded companies
  • Add potential growth
  • Gain diversification across sectors and industries
  • Improve liquidity
Bonds or Fixed Income Debt securities (IOUs) of corporations, municipalities or the U.S. government
  • Add potential income
  • Help diversify your stock holdings
  • Reduce portfolio volatility
Mutual Funds Investments that pool your money with other investors to buy tens or hundreds of stocks, bonds or other securities for better diversification
  • Built-in diversification
  • Targeted strategies to address specific goals
  • Ability to track broad market indexes
Exchange-Traded Funds Baskets of securities you can buy and sell on a stock exchange. They function like mutual funds, but can be traded like stocks
  • Improve portfolio liquidity
  • Add potential tax-efficiency
  • Targeted strategies and index tracking ability
Global Investing Stocks and bonds from companies and governments in developed and emerging economies outside the U.S.
  • Improve diversification
  • Access the other 75% of the world’s economies
Annuities Contract between you and an insurance company where you receive a stream of income for a certain number of years in exchange for a lump sum payment
  • Tax-deferred retirement growth
  • Create a future guaranteed* income stream
  • Potential downside-protection from loss

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* All guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Investing involves risks, including fluctuating returns and potential loss of principal.


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