CD-Funded IRAs

Eliminate short-term worry with the predictable return of a CD-funded IRA.

As retirement nears, you may want to consider protecting a portion of your retirement savings from potential market risk. By moving some of your IRA assets from stocks, bonds or mutual funds into a CD, you can retain the benefits of tax-deferred saving within the relative safety of an FDIC-insured1 Certificate of Deposit.

Keep in mind, however, that holding retirement savings in low-interest CDs is more of a shorter-term strategy since CD returns typically will not be sufficient to achieve longer-term goals.

Why opt for a CD-funded IRA?

  • All interest earned is tax-deferred
  • Provides you with an FDIC-insured (up to $250,000) retirement savings account
  • Available for a wide range of term lengths – from one to ten years

Why open your IRA with SunTrust?

  • Guidance from a knowledgeable; local SunTrust Investment Services advisor (STIS)  on contribution limits, distribution requirements and laddering strategies (to help protect your long-term savings from rising interest rates)
  • We can help you explore ways to use other investment accounts to strive for sufficient growth to outpace inflation

Learn how our SunTrust SummitView goals-based planning approach can give you a clear view into all your stocks, bonds, retirement and savings accounts, allowing you and your advisor to better align your investments to your goals and objectives.


1 CDs are FDIC insured up to the maximum allowed by law


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