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A simple rule for retirement savings.

While there’s no such thing as a magic number that assures you of a comfortable retirement, there is a simple rule-of-thumb for how much to save based on your age and annual salary.

Age Salary Rule of Thumb Retirement Savings
30 $55,000 2X Salary $110,000
45 $80,000 4X Salary $320,000
55 $95,000 7X Salary $665,000
67 $110,000 10X Salary $1,100,000

How do your savings compare?

Need to catch-up or want to get ahead? SunTrust Investment Services (STIS) can help you:

  • Create a savings strategy you can live with
  • Take advantage of all your tax-deferral opportunities
  • Review your portfolio allocation
  • Put IRS retirement catch-up provisions to use

SunTrust’s SummitView financial planning experience earned the best possible mark –5 – across all four dimensions: customer centricity, quality of recommendations, format and process.1

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1 Hearts & Wallets Inside AdviceTM, Feb 2017

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