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Application checklist

Before you apply, please have the following information ready

  • Personal Information
    Social Security Number (not required for international students)
    Date of Birth
    Permanent Address
    Email Address
  • School Information
    Name of school - check to see if your school is approved >
    Cost of attendance
    Estimated Financial Assistance*
    Grade level
    Expected graduation date
  • Reference
    Reference Name
  • Employment Information (if applicable)
    Employer Name
    Primary Phone Number
  • Loan Amount
    Loan amount you'll be requesting
    Semester or academic period for which funds will be needed
  • Income Information (if applicable)
    Annual Gross Income (amount of money that is earned before taxes or other deductions are taken out)

* This is the amount of grants, scholarships, work study and federal student loans (Direct Loan, Parent PLUS, Grad PLUS, Perkins, etc.) a family receives to fund a student's education for one academic year.

Documentation that may be required.

The following is approved documentation that may be requested as part of the loan application process. This documentation can be uploaded online or submitted by fax or mail. If any documentation is needed, they will be requested during the loan application process.

Here are the types of documentation that may be requested:

  • Identity Verification

    • Identity Verification
      In order to validate information obtained during the loan approval process, a copy of one or more identification documents may be required:

      • Driver's license
      • State issued identification card
      • Social Security card
  • Proof of Permanent Residency (for Permanent Residents only)

    • Permanent Residency

      Permanent residents must provide verification of residency and immigration status. All permanent residents must provide a copy of the most current Resident Alien Card, FORM I-551 (i.e. Green Card) showing permanent resident alien status of the United States or other United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documentation demonstrating the legal right to reside in the U.S. permanently.

      Acceptable forms for permanent resident aliens include:

      • Alien Registration Receipt Card, Form I-551 (i.e., Green Card) with an unexpired date on the front of the card.
      • Conditional Alien Registration Receipt Card, I-551 with an unexpired INS I-751.
      • Unexpired passport with an unexpired stamp "Process for I-551. Temporary Evidence of Lawful Admission for Permanent Resident. Valid until MM-DD-YYYY. Employment Authorized."
  • International Students

    • International Students
      International students can apply for the Union Federal Private Student Loan but must apply with a cosigner who is a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. During the application process, international students will be required to provide the following:

      • A valid U.S.P.S. domestic mailing address
      • A passport showing a photograph and country of origin Note: SunTrust is prohibited from making loans to international students who are citizens of certain countries.
      • ONE of the following forms of appropriate documentation that is valid and current to demonstrate a legal right to remain in the U.S. throughout the academic period:
        • Form I-551 (Resident Alien Card)
        • Form I-94 (Arrival-Departure Record) showing valid F status or CFA/PAL status, if applicable
        • Stamped Form I-20 showing F-1 status
        • Form I-20 showing eligibility for F-1 status and a copy of the visa reflecting a class of F-1, or other approved specialized CIS forms that demonstrate the legal right to remain in the U.S. permanently (e.g., political asylum)
  • Income Verification

    • Income Verification
      When applying for a SunTrust student loan, proof of income may be required. The type of income documentation required varies depending on the type of income. The following are some accepted documents that can be used for proof of income.

      Wage and pension income verification documents

      Wage earners

      • W-2 statement or paystub dated within the past 60 days that states the employer's name, employee's name and, if available, year-to-date income.

      Self-employed applicants

      • Signed copy of the last two (2) years' federal personal income tax returns with all schedules (Acceptable forms of Applicant signature on tax returns include wet signature, wet signature of paid tax preparer, a completed IRS e-file Signature Authorization form 8879, IRS confirmation notice form 9325, or IRS email filing confirmation.)


      One of the following:

      • A copy of most recent pension statement (1099)
      • A copy of most recent social security income statement (1099)
      • A copy of a benefit award letter
      • A copy of proof of current pension payment (including a check stub)
      • A copy of proof of current social security payment

      Other income verification documents

      Only required when applicants choose to list this type of income within the loan application.

      Miscellaneous income sources

      Interest and dividends, notes receivable, installment sales and land contracts, trust, rental, capital gains, income from a foreign source.

      • Copy of the two most recent federal personal income tax returns (signed by the applicant(s)/taxpayer) with all applicable schedules

      Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance payments

      For applicants who wish to have this considered for the loan application.

      • Must provide a complete copy of the divorce decree or court order which specifies the amount and duration of payments. Furthermore, applicant(s) who choose to rely on child support, and who wish to have this considered for the loan application, must provide proof of receipt of child support for the last six months in the form of bank statements or cancelled checks.

      GI Bill income

      • Proof of scheduled GI Bill payments for the duration of the academic period

      Disability, worker's compensation benefits and public assistance (AFDC/TANF)

      • Appropriate documentation, which may include award letters, policy Agreements, account statements, etc.

      Royalty income

      • Most recent 1099-Misc or the previous year's federal personal income tax returns.

      Annuity income

      • Award letters or most recent 1099-Misc; if those are not available, then the previous year's federal personal income tax returns or bank statements showing direct deposit must be provided
  • Applicant Self-Certification

    • Applicant Self-Certification Form
      A form required by the U.S. Department of Education and federal regulation. Students must sign and submit this form prior to receiving a private student loan. Information required on the form includes student's cost of attendance and estimated financial assistance. This form may also be referred to as a Borrower Self-Certification Form.

  • Payoff Documentation (if refinancing student loans only)

    • Payoff Documentation (only required for students opting to refinance student loans)
      Applicants who request to refinance existing private student loans into their SunTrust private student loan will be required to provide a payoff statement as supporting documentation for each loan they are paying off; learn more about the In-School Refinance Option.

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