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Make the smart choice with
a Custom Choice Loan.®

Get a low rate on money to cover college expenses.

Variable APR range1:
% APR to % APR

Fixed APR range1:
% APR to % APR

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Applying is fast and free.

Why choose a Custom Choice student loan?

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No Fee
to Apply

There are no application, origination or prepayment fees.

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Use it for a variety of school-related expenses – tuition, books, room and board.

Rate and Principal Reductions
Rate & Principal

Earn a 2% principal reduction for graduating.2 Get up to 0.50% interest rate reduction for auto pay.3

Flexible Terms and Repayment Options
Flexible Terms
& Repayment Options

You choose the payment plan that best fits your budget.

Apply online in 15 min. and get your low APR today.
No fee to apply!

Other important things to know about the Custom Choice Loan:

You have the option to defer payments4 while in school, so you can focus on your studies without having to worry about money.

When you graduate, we’ll take 2% off your principal as a graduation gift.2

You don’t need a cosigner, but it is recommended if a student does not have a substantial credit history.

Refinance existing private student loans5 into a new Custom Choice Loan.

The Custom Choice Loan is available to students seeking a bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., MD, DO, JD degree and more.6

How the process works



Estimated Time: 15 Minutes
Complete a quick, online credit application and get an instant credit decision.



Submit required document(s) online, by fax or by mail.


Review & Signing

Submit the signed loan packet (includes the Credit Agreement and other documents) online, by fax or by mail.


School Certification

The school will certify (to SunTrust) the loan amount, enrollment at the school (half-time or more) and dates when SunTrust should transfer the loan funds to the school.


Final Review & Release of Loan Funds

Review the final loan disclosure and have 3 days to cancel. If an applicant does not cancel, the loan funds will be sent to the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're concerned about timing, you can speed up the process by uploading all supporting/required documentation as well as choosing to electronically sign documents within the loan packet (Credit Agreement, Applicant Self-Certification form, and Approval Disclosure).

If you apply early and documentation is received promptly, your school will likely receive the funds in plenty of time. If you're unsure of the school's loan deadlines, contact the financial aid office or check the school website for a published timeline.

The loan can be used for Qualified Higher Education Expenses7 such as tuition, books, fees, transportation, housing, food, a new computer.

No. A student may apply without a cosigner but the student then must meet the credit requirements to be approved for the loan. Applying with a cosigner who has good credit and positive income can help you satisfy credit criteria and may increase your chances of approval and receiving a lower interest rate.

A private student loan, like the Custom Choice Loan, is a student loan issued by a private lender like a bank, rather than the federal government. And while it may sound like it’s for private schools, a private student loan can be used to pay for costs at an approved public or private college or university.

Applying as a cosigner takes about 15 minutes. Either the cosigner or the student can start the application — within the online application, there is a feature that allows the cosigner or the student to be invited to the application.

SunTrust is here to help throughout the entire process. For more information, or to speak to a Customer Service representative, please call 866.232.3889.

Did you know? Either a student or cosigner can start the student loan application.