How can I better manage my money?

We're all busy. Whether it's work, kids, hobbies, laundry or whatever else that has you occupied, there's probably not much free time to think about your finances. So, we're doing that for you. Here are some quick and easy ways to help you manage your money.

  • Balance alerts Show

    You can use Online Banking to set up email or text alerts so you know what’s going on with your accounts.

    • Daily Balance Alerts

      notify you of your available balance each morning.

    • Low Balance Alerts

      let you know when your account has fallen below your specified amount.

    • High Balance Alerts

      tell you when your account rises above your specified amount.

    • Account Overdrawn Alerts

      are sent daily when your account has Non-Sufficient Funds.

    Setting up alerts is easy in Online Banking; simply go to Alerts within My Settings. (Please note: We also offer Security Alerts that are generated when important profile information is updated for additional peace of mind during your Online Banking experience.)

  • Check register Show

    Some people like to use a check register to have an up-to-date record of their account activity. Be sure to immediately subtract your Debit Card purchases or Electronic Debits/Electronic Checks (ACH), factor in ATM withdrawals or transfers and write down the checks you've written.

    • 1. Date
    • 2. Transaction
    • 3. Check Number
    • 4. Payment amount
    • 5. Deposit amount
    • 6. Balance
    • Write down when your transaction happens
    • Jot down a description of the transaction to remind yourself
    • (If applicable)
    • Record how much you spend
    • Record how much you deposit
    • Calculate your balance
  • ATMs Show

    ATMs are a quick, convenient way to access your money, check account balances and make transfers throughout our network of over 2,000 machines. Most SunTrust ATMs have Deposit Image technology, which allows you to deposit cash or checks without an envelope, and generates a snapshot image of your deposited checks. You can deposit up to 40 currency bills and 10 checks at a time. These ATMs also feature an extended deposit cut-off time of 9pm ET/8pm CT. Learn more about when you can expect your deposits to be reflected in your account here.)

  • Overdraft Protection and Overdraft Coverage Show

    Overdraft Protection

    How it works: Overdraft Protection links your consumer deposit accounts to your other SunTrust deposit, credit card, or line of credit accounts - automatically transferring the necessary funds to cover any shortfalls on the day the overdraft occurs.1

    Overdraft Fees: As long as you have sufficient funds in your linked account, you'll pay a $12.50 transfer fee for each day a transfer is required3.

    Get started: Enrollment in this service is optional and can be done through Online Banking, by calling 800.SUNTRUST or at your local branch.

    1 A $7 monthly fee will be assessed to your designated checking account in order to maintain access to the Overdraft Assurance line of credit. If funds are not repaid back to the Overdraft Assurance account before the 4th calendar day after the date advances are posted to your credit line, interest will begin to accrue. APRs are fixed and standard APRs could range from 13% to 16% APR. Exclusions and limitations apply.

    Overdraft Coverage

    It allows SunTrust to pay ATM and everyday debit card transactions when your available balance is not sufficient to cover the transaction.

    • Enrollment in this service is optional and can be done through Online Banking.
    • You may be charged up to $36 for each overdrawn item. However, if you deposit or transfer enough funds to bring your balance positive by cut-off that day, you will not incur any fees.
    • SunTrust pays overdrafts at its discretion, which means we can't guarantee that we will always cover every transaction.

    Overdraft Scenarios

    So, if you buy something with your Debit Card without enough money in your checking account, will your purchase be approved or declined? Here’s the breakdown:

    Coverage Scenario Approved?*
    Overdraft Coverage*
    If you have it Yes
    If you don’t No
    Overdraft Protection
    If you have it and your linked account has funds available to cover the purchase Yes
    If you have it and your linked account does not have funds available to cover the purchase No
    Overdraft Coverage + Overdraft Protection*
    If you have Overdraft Coverage and your Overdraft Protection can’t cover the purchase Yes

    *SunTrust makes decisions about whether to pay/authorize items based on the risk associated with the account, the client and the transaction. We do not provide Overdraft Coverage on all items.

  • Customer service and automated assistance Show

    You can call 1.800.SUNTRUST to easily manage your accounts. Transfer funds, place a stop payment on a check, get your balance, review your last 20 transactions, search for a specific check — and talk to one of our customer service representatives, who will be happy to help you.

  • Branch visits Show

    Feeling like you need to talk to someone in person? Just stop by one of our 1,400+ retail branches for assistance. (Find a branch near you.) We can help with everything from mortgages to portfolio management to retirement planning or saving for college.

  • Planning tools Show


    We have articles, tools, tips and videos to help with money management and financial well-being. Discover how we can help.

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