REO Properties

The process of purchasing an REO property is different than buying a traditional home. Once you’ve determined how much you can afford and—if you need financing—are pre-qualified for a SunTrust Mortgage loan, an experienced real estate agent can walk you through the nuances of buying a REO home.

  • Accessibility. You deal directly with SunTrust Mortgage, not individual homeowners.
  • Simplicity. You can avoid property ownership issues that relate to the home’s title.
  • Affordability. Prices are typically listed at fair-market value.
  • No lien interference. Unpaid taxes, electric bills and water bills do not interfere with the transaction.

Search our REO properties, and find a home that’s right for you today. To get pre-qualified for a SunTrust REO property, please contact:

  • In Alabama or Georgia, contact Shannon Walstad, NMLSR# 659071 at 678.240.8864
  • In Florida, contact Gordon Prat, NMLSR# 659689 at 954.214.6760
  • In Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC, contact Marta Tataje, NMSLR# 659140 at 704.543.3702
  • All other states, please contact 800.330.4684