How to Pay with Garmin Pay

You’re good to go.

Exclusively for SunTrust Mastercard® consumer credit and debit cards and small business debit cards.

Just link your SunTrust Mastercard® credit or debit card to your Garmin device. Then, keep an eye out for the contactless payments symbol near the card reader. It’s simple, your transactions are protected, and you’ll still get the same perks you'd get by using your card.

garmin pay mobile screen

Download the Garmin Connect app to activate Garmin Pay:

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* Pay functionality is currently compatible with vívoactive® 3, Forerunner® 645, and Forerunner® 645 Music. Check for future additions.

Using Your Watch To Pay

  1. Press and hold the Action button on the right to bring up the controls menu. Tap the Wallet icon.
  2. Enter the passcode (good for 24 hours or until you take your watch off).
  3. Swipe down to select your SunTrust  card. If it was the last card you used, it will automatically appear.
  4. Hold your wrist near the card reader. Easy.

Why Connect Your SunTrust Card To Garmin Pay?

  • It Lets You Travel Light
    Chances are, if you’re using Garmin you’re an active person. And that can still be the case when you need to buy something on the go.
  • It’s Accepted At Over A Million Stores
    Just look for the contactless payment symbol.
  • Your SunTrust Card’s Perks Are Always At The Ready
    You’ll receive the same benefits and perks that you get with your physical card.
  • You’re Covered
    Not only does Garmin protect you by using watch-specific card numbers and transaction codes for every purchase, but you’re also covered by Mastercard’s Zero Liability protection.


Garmin Pay is a trademark of Garmin Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

SunTrust does not charge a fee for the use of Garmin Pay or SunTrust Mobile Banking. If you do not already have a data plan with your wireless service provider, normal data rates will apply.

Zero Liability: As a cardholder, you will not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions if you have used reasonable care in protecting your card from loss or theft; and you promptly reported loss or theft to SunTrust. Does not apply to certain prepaid cards, or corporate cards. Certain conditions and restrictions apply.  Please see for more details.

Personal Banking Resource Center

  • Support

  • Wires

      For more details about Wire Transfers with SunTrust, call 800.947.3786


      SunTrust incoming wire instructions:


      • For domestic incoming wires, use Routing ABA: 061000104
      • For international incoming wires, use SWIFT/BIC: SNTRUS3A
      • Beneficiary account number: SunTrust full account number
      • Beneficiary name: The name as it appears on the SunTrust account

      SunTrust incoming wire instructions are also available by calling 800.947.3786 - option 1