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Celebrating an Enlightened Point of View

SunTrust is proud of the diversity initiatives we've implemented to raise the quality of our workforce and employee well-being. Recognizing and respecting the uniqueness of individuals is a way of life that directly affects the success of our business in an ever-expanding and competitive marketplace.

More than just race or gender, diversity can mean a single characteristic, experience, or idea that makes one person similar to or different from another. At SunTrust, we are constantly striving to expand upon, learn from, and grow from these differences to ensure a responsive and supportive environment. We encourage several points of view to allow employees the freedom to maximize their contributions to our company, customers, and communities.

SunTrust's Corporate Diversity Council addresses all aspects of company operations to ensure that diversity is maintained as an integral part of our business strategy. There are diversity site councils located throughout the enterprise to manage diversity in all markets. This includes increasing the representation of women and other minorities in mid- to senior-level positions and promoting management accountability for a diversity-friendly corporate culture.

We believe that by valuing our employees for their unique skills and perspectives, we will be able to: Inclusive, Proactive, Supportive

SunTrust has achieved many successes through our Diversity Initiatives program. As we look across our company, we are proud of our progress and celebrate our achievements in our Report on Diversity.

For further information on diversity at SunTrust, please contact
Rita Izaquirre, Director of Diversity Initiatives, at