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General Information
What is your address? 

For Correspondence,
Qualified Written Requests:
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
PO Box 26149
Richmond, VA 23260-6149
Mail Code RVW 3003

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
PO Box 79041
Baltimore, MD 21279-0041

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
PO Box 26527
Richmond, VA 23261

For Overnight,
Insurance Renewals/Bills:
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
Attn: _________
1001 Semmes Avenue
Richmond, VA 23224

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
PO Box 57028
Irvine, CA 92619-7028

Please be sure to include your loan number on all correspondence or payments.

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Can I make my payments at a SunTrust Bank branch?

Yes. You can make your payments at any SunTrust branch.
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Why is a principal balance not my payoff amount?

Your principal balance is not the payoff amount because the interest on your loan is calculated in arrears. For example, when you paid your August payment you actually paid interest for July and principal for August. The payoff amount also includes any escrow adjustments, release fees, and other charges and credits due on the loan.
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Can I have my payments automatically drafted from my checking or savings account?

Yes. You can take advantage of SunTrust Mortgage's SurePay (Electronic Payment Service). The amount of your payment, plus any additional amounts you want to add toward principal reduction on a continual basis, can be automatically deducted each month from the checking or savings account you designate. It's fast, it's easy, and best of all, it's free!
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What does "prepayment" mean?

Prepayment is the payment of all or part of your principal balance before it is due. Some loan agreements may require you to pay special fees or penalties if you pay off your loan early.

Please review your Note that was enclosed with your closing documents for detailed information regarding prepayment of your loan.
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What is an assumption?

An assumption is the process of a borrower transferring their property ownership to someone else. There are two different types of assumptions, simple and qualifying.

The transaction you are trying to accomplish determines which type of assumption is applicable to your loan. Also, your Deed of Trust may prohibit a qualifying assumption.
A simple assumption is a transfer of mortgaged property from one or more persons to another. It is called "simple" because this type of an assumption requires the signing of only a few documents to transfer "ownership" of the property to someone else. An example of a simple assumption is the death or divorce of a co-borrower where the borrower wants the co-borrower's name removed from the loan. In the case of a simple assumption, the "liability" of the mortgage (debt) is not transferred. The remaining borrower is still responsible for repaying the balance of the loan.

A qualifying assumption involves the sale of the property and requires the buyer to qualify for the mortgage, just like if they were applying for a new loan. A qualifying assumption transfers ownership and the "liability" for the repayment of the loan to the buyer of the property. Most loans today, if assumable, are qualifying assumptions.

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What items does my monthly mortgage payment include?

Your monthly mortgage payment includes a payment to the principal balance of your loan, the interest payment and your escrow payment (monthly payments collected to pay your hazard insurance, mortgage insurance, flood insurance and property taxes.) This is commonly referred to as P.I.T.I. (principal, interest, taxes and insurance.)
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