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We've provided a list of frequently asked questions about the Switch Assistant below. If you still have questions, you can call us at 877.752.2797.

What is the Switch Assistant?

Once you have opened your SunTrust checking, savings, or money market account, the Switch Assistant helps you switch Direct Deposits, change your automatic payments, close your old account, track your Online Bill Pay Billers to move, and more. Simply complete the online forms with information about your former bank account, SunTrust account, and automatic payment or Direct Deposit companies. The Switch Assistant will generate a personalized Switch Kit with letters for you to print, sign, and mail.

Is there a fee to use the Switch Assistant?

There are no fees. The Switch Assistant is a free tool for SunTrust clients.

Do I need to have a SunTrust account to use the Switch Assistant?

Yes, you need to have a SunTrust checking, savings, or money market account to use the Switch Assistant. If you’re not already a SunTrust client, you can open an account online within minutes.

How do I access the Switch Assistant?

You can access the Switch Assistant online at

What information do I need to use the Switch Assistant?

You'll need the following information:

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What is a Switch Kit?

After you’ve entered your personal and account information and details about your Direct Deposits and automatic payments, the Switch Assistant will create a personalized Switch Kit for you. This Switch Kit will contain instructions, personalized letters, an Online Bill Pay/Card Payment Worksheet, and a checklist to track your progress.

Once you create your personalized Switch Kit, you can save the file to your computer and print out your letters.

Is there any special software needed to view my Switch Kit online?

Yes. Your Switch Kit is presented in PDF format through Adobe Reader or any other PDF viewing application. To download a free version of Adobe Reader, visit

I went through all of the steps but my letters aren’t generating.

If you are having trouble with Adobe Acrobat software, please visit visit and select "Learn more" to access Acrobat Reader help.

If you are having trouble with the PDF and are using a program other than Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF, please visit the Web site for that program or access the Help menu while you’re in that program.

I see the letters but I cannot print them. What do I do?

If you are having trouble with your printer, please refer to your printer’s manual or online help for assistance.

How do I save a copy of my Switch Kit?

To save a copy of your Switch Kit to your computer, click Save a Copy. From the Save a Copy dialog box, click to select a location in which you would like to save the file. Click Save.

What do I do with the printed letters?

Just sign the letters and mail them to the companies you entered into the form. If required, attach a voided check or deposit slip to the letter.

Will my Switch Assistant information be saved?

No, your Switch Assistant information will not be saved. If you must stop and close your browser before you’ve completed filling out the form and created your personalized “Switch Kit,” you will need to start over. You should save your Switch Kit as soon as it’s created so that you can reprint it if needed.

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What is Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is a free service that automatically deposits your salary, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income benefits, or any periodic income directly into your SunTrust checking, savings, or money market account. Learn more about Direct Deposit.

What kinds of payments can I receive by Direct Deposit?

You can receive many types of payments by Direct Deposit to your SunTrust checking, savings, or money market account, including your paycheck, government payments like Social Security benefits, pension or retirement payments, or investment dividends. If you’re currently receiving these payments by Direct Deposit into your former bank account, use the Switch Assistant to switch them to your SunTrust account.

How do I switch my Social Security or other federal government deposit?

Social Security Administration and federal government deposits cannot be switched by sending a letter created by this Switch Assistant. Instructions for switching these direct deposits are provided on your Switch Kit Checklist.

If you only wish to switch a Social Security or a federal government deposit, and no automatic payments, visit to begin.

Can I receive more than one Direct Deposit to my account?

Yes, you can receive as many Direct Deposit payments as you’d like. Contact your employer or other company or agency to see if they provide Direct Deposit as an option.

Can I split one Direct Deposit payment into multiple accounts?

You can split a Direct Deposit payment into multiple accounts, but the Switch Assistant will only create a letter to switch a Direct Deposit into one account. If you wish to switch transactions to more than one SunTrust account, simply go through the Switch Assistant again for each additional SunTrust account.

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Why do I need to attach a voided SunTrust check or a deposit slip to my Direct Deposit letters?

Including a voided check from your SunTrust checking or money market account or a deposit slip from your SunTrust savings account can help the company or agency verify your SunTrust account number and routing number. To void a check, simply write "VOID" across the front of the check.

How long will it take to switch my Direct Deposit or automatic payment to my SunTrust account?

After the company or agency has received your letter, please allow up to three payment periods or billing cycles for the switch to be made.

Who should I contact if my Direct Deposit has not been switched?

You should contact the company or agency sending the Direct Deposit if it has not been switched to your SunTrust account within three payment periods.

Will I be able to switch all my Direct Deposits using the Switch Assistant?

Most companies, agencies, and employers will accept the personalized letters created by the Switch Assistant to switch your Direct Deposit. However, some companies will require that you use their own form, or you may need to process your request using another system, such as your employer’s payroll system.

What are automatic payments?

You can authorize specific companies or agencies—from utility companies to homeowners associations—to automatically deduct your payments directly from your account using automatic payments. Automatic payments are also known as ACH debits.

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What if I do not have an account number for an automatic payment I want to switch?

For many automatic payments, such as gym membership dues or a power bill, you will have an account number. At times, though, you will not be assigned an account number from a company or agency. This field is optional in the Switch Assistant, so if this is the case, you can simply leave it blank.

How can I confirm that my Direct Deposits and automatic payments have been switched to my SunTrust account?

Signing in to Online Banking with Bill Pay is the easiest and fastest way to confirm that your Direct Deposits and automatic payments have been switched to your SunTrust account. Not using Online Banking yet? Learn more and sign up now.

You can also check your SunTrust account statement to see if your transactions have been switched.

Where do I find the account number and routing number for my former bank account?

These numbers are located on the bottom of every check. Use the images in the Switch Assistant to help you locate the numbers on your check.

Check image

When should I close my former bank account?

You should only close your former bank account after you’ve switched your Direct Deposits, automatic payments, and any other recurring bill payment or Check Card/Credit Card payments to your SunTrust account. Allow sufficient time for any remaining items to clear—usually about 10 business days. Then you can use the Switch Assistant to create a personalized letter to close your former bank account.

How long will it take to close my former bank account?

If you have not received confirmation of closing your account within three weeks, or if you do not receive a check for the remaining account balance, contact your former financial institution.

I have more than one former bank account. Can I close them all using the Switch Assistant?

If you want to close more than one former bank account, simply go through the Switch Assistant once for each former account. You’ll receive a personalized Switch Kit and letter for each account.

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I made a mistake entering information into the Switch Assistant, but I did not realize it until I printed my Switch Kit. Can I go back and make changes?

Before you create your Switch Kit, you are given a chance to confirm your information and edit it if necessary. If you realize you’ve made an error after you have created your Switch Kit, you will need to begin using the Switch Assistant again to create a new Switch Kit with the correct information.

Is my information secure?

SunTrust takes your privacy and security very seriously. Learn more about how we protect your confidential information with comprehensive privacy and security measures.

What happens to the information I enter into the Switch Assistant?

SunTrust does not store the information you enter into the Switch Assistant and only uses the information to create your personalized Switch Kit. Because we do not save your information, it is important to save your Switch Kit to your computer for future reference.

How do I use the Bill Pay/Card Payment Worksheet?

Use the information from your most recent statements or from your former bank account’s online bill payment system to complete the Bill Pay/Card Payment Worksheet. Then, you can use the worksheet to set up your Online Bill Pay Billers using SunTrust’s Online Bill Pay or contact your billers to switch your payments to your SunTrust Check Card or Credit Card.

How do I setup billers and payments using SunTrust Online Banking with Bill Pay?

Getting started with Online Bill Pay is easy. Sign in to Online Banking with Bill Pay at and select "Bill Pay".

  • Select the "Add A Biller" option.
  • Search for your biller using the company name or phone number.
  • Provide additional information, if requested.
  • Then you can schedule a payment immediately.

You can use the Online Bill Pay/Card Payment Worksheet to track your progress.

What is a card payment?

You can authorize specific companies, agencies or merchants to bill your Check Card or Credit Card directly. To switch these payments, complete the Online Bill Pay/Card Payment worksheet and track the billers you contact to switch your payments to your SunTrust Check Card or Credit Card.

I’ve read all the FAQs, but I still have questions. Who can I contact?

If you have questions regarding the Switch Assistant or SunTrust checking, savings, or money market accounts, please call us at 877.752.2797.

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SunTrust Account FAQs
Can I switch to a different type of checking account if my needs change?

Yes. We expect that your needs might change over time. When this happens, let us know. We'll review your options with you. Whenever switching to another type of account makes sense, you'll be able to keep your account number. This portability feature eliminates the need to order new checks, switch the account number on payments, etc.

Can I bank at SunTrust branches and ATMs in other states?

Use your SunTrust checking account wherever SunTrust is located. Our branches and ATMs are in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Is Online Bill Pay free?

Yes, Online Bill Pay is free with all personal SunTrust checking accounts. Sign up for Bill Pay today.

How can I avoid fees?

You can avoid a monthly maintenance fee on any SunTrust checking account. There are several ways to do this. Establishing direct deposit and maintaining checking account balances often void an account fee. Often, you can link other SunTrust deposit, loan, and investment accounts to a checking account to qualify for a waiver of a monthly maintenance fee. Please contact us today to discuss how expanding your relationship with SunTrust might qualify you for a free checking account with more features and benefits, such as free checks and bill pay.

Be aware that by not overdrawing your account you can avoid other fees. We appreciate your business, so if you're ever unhappy with fees you're paying on your account, please contact us to discuss account options.

How can I find out where the nearest branches and ATMS are?

SunTrust has a branch and ATM locator. Click ATM/Branch Locator, enter your address, and you will see the nearest branches and ATMS, branch hours, phone numbers, and maps. Branch and ATM location information also is available through 800.786.8787.

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What can I do to protect my account and avoid identity theft?
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What will SunTrust do to prevent fraud and protect my privacy?

We protect your account information and funds with the latest security technology. Your account has enhanced security features including secure online access. Your checks have special features to prevent fraud.

We never send unsolicited emails asking for personal or account information, such as passwords, Social Security Numbers, PINS, credit or check card numbers, or other confidential information. As a security activity, we might ask you for the last four digits of your Social Security Number to confirm your identity.

Why are some deposits not immediately available for me to use?

We might place a hold on a deposit, usually on large or out-of-state checks, making your funds unavailable until the hold expires. The duration of the hold varies, depending on the type of check and originating bank. We do not place holds on direct deposit funds.

If you have questions about when your funds will be available, please speak to a branch or telephone representative.

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I mailed a check that appeared on my statement as an "Electronic/ACH Debit." Why did this happen, and what happened to my check?

Some companies process checks as electronic transactions. The company uses the information on your check to make an electronic payment from your account. The company destroys the check and retains a copy of it. You should receive a notice or disclosure from the company if they are using this legal and secure process.

I wrote a check at the store and the cashier scanned it and gave it back to me. Why did this happen?

Many retailers scan checks for the account number and amount and process an electronic payment from your account. The transaction appears as an "Electronic/ACH Debit" on your statement.

Do I need my cancelled checks for my tax return, proof of payment, or files?

We securely store images of checks for seven years, except checks processed as electronic payments. You can request printed copies. The IRS does not require you to keep original cancelled checks. A copy is legally equivalent to an original in proof-of-payment situations.

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Are there daily cutoff times for making deposits?

Yes. Our branch cutoff times, posted at each branch, vary. Deposits presented after this time are credited to the account the following business day.

What are the differences between the balances I see-current, collected, and available?

Current balance (ledger balance, or balance) is the actual balance in your account on a specific day. It does not reflect any holds or pending (not yet posted) transactions.

Collected balance is the current balance, less the amount of deposited checks that are in the process of being collected. Collected balance does not reflect transactions of the current day's activity. In some locations, a penalty might be charged to your account if you draw against uncollected funds. Any such penalty appears in your fee schedule. Available balance is the current balance, less any holds, plus certain deposits, and minus the current day's withdrawal activity. In some locations, a penalty might be charged to your account if you withdraw against unavailable funds.

Is there a daily limit to how much I can purchase or withdraw with my check card or ATM card?

Each check card and ATM card has daily purchase and ATM withdrawal limits, stated in the Personal Accounts Fee Schedule. SunTrust branch or telephone Representatives can give you more information about your card's limits.

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