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Switching your accounts to SunTrust has never been easier! Simply open your new SunTrust account and our Switch Assistant will help you with the rest. The Switch Assistant helps you switch direct deposits, change your automatic payments, close your old account and more.

Open a SunTrust Checking, Money Market or Savings account.

Get started with the SunTrust Switch Assistant.

Using the information you enter, the Switch Assistant will create a personalized SunTrust Switch Kit* to help you:

  • Switch your direct deposits: Switch a direct deposit, such as a payroll, pension, Social Security or dividend fund payment, so that it goes into your new SunTrust account instead of your former bank account.
  • Switch automatic payments: Is one or more of your recurring bills (such as: utilities, credit cards, publications, or insurance premiums) automatically deducted from your former bank account? The Switch Assistant will create letters to help you change those deductions to your SunTrust account.
  • Stay Organized: A convenient checklist will allow you to track your progress with helpful reminders for moving your Online Bill Pay Billers and automatic Check Card and Credit Card payments.
  • Close an Old Account: Quickly create a letter requesting that your former bank account be closed without ever visiting the bank! Mail the letter only after you're certain that no more checks or automatic payments are outstanding in your current account.

*(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader®)

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