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4489 Town Center Pkwy.

Jacksonville, FL 32246


Robert (Rob) Fleischmann's customer service skills are at the heart of his success. If you expect timely returned calls and emails, to be kept apprised of your loan process and details of your mortgage and want someone to work with your best interests in mind, Rob will be your loan officer of choice. Since graduating with a Finance degree from the University of Florida and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of South Florida, Rob has made mortgage lending and quality service his passion. Rob has won many state and national customer service awards during his 28-year career of helping borrowers reach their home buying and refinancing dreams. He has a solid understanding of the local real estate market and knows what it takes to close your loan with efficiency and expertise. In addition to his attention to detail, Rob will make sure your mortgage process runs smoothly and he has all the tools to make your journey a success.

As Rob evaluates your overall financial plan, he uses mortgage financing as a tool to assist you in reaching your long-term goals. Working with a professional with his extensive knowledge allows you to structure your financing in ways that can secure tax benefits, create better cash flow and increase your net worth.

In addition to traditional mortgage financing solutions, SunTrust Mortgage is pleased to offer specialty financing programs for clients with unique borrowing needs, including:

  • The Doctor Loan Program: financing designed to meet the needs of licensed medical physicians or dentists
  • Jumbo Financing: for homes requiring larger loan amounts

Rob looks forward to speaking with you soon regarding your current and long-term financial goals. He knows that during and after the process you will be so impressed with his knowledge and service that you will be delighted to refer family and friends to reach their homeownership goals as well.

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