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Advancing Through Innovation: Tactics for Getting Ahead

Zero in on Creativity

Advancing Through Innovation: Tactics for Getting Ahead

“Your competitive strategy consists of the approaches and initiatives you take to attract customers, withstand competitive pressures and strengthen your market position.”

—Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI

Our clients tell us that investing in competitive strategy helps drive higher profits and strengthen their market position. At SunTrust, we understand this and we are inspired to do more for our clients by sharing our financial expertise with businesses of all sizes and at every stage. This guide is one step in our commitment to answer your questions, share ideas and deliver the collective resources of the entire bank to help your business thrive.

Creativity is vital to a company’s success, especially as the global economy grows increasingly competitive. Nearly half of today’s midsize businesses have prioritized innovation as an element of competitive strategy and are doing so by increasing their R&D investments, as well as other effective tactics. To learn how to enhance your R&D efforts and see five examples of creativity in action, read our chapter on the Innovation strategy

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