Financing and Capital Markets

Peer Insights: Evaluating the Economic Landscape

SunTrust's annual Business Pulse Survey helps put the economic landscape into perspective, allowing the executives of middle-market businesses to better navigate the current climate and solidify their plan going forward.

Executives looking to set future goals and prepare for obstacles can benefit from understanding year-over-year trends articulated by their peers, from global economic health to employee financial wellness.

Year-over-year economic evaluation and outlook (U.S. and local)

somewhat or extremely strong

somewhat to much better

Industry Economic Strength

Local/Community Economic Strength

Global Economic Strength

U.S. Economic Strength

Expectation of Global Economy
(next 6 months)

Expectation of U.S. Economy
(next 6 months)

Key Takeaway:

Sentiment has been up and down, but business executives are currently less confident in the global and local economies and less optimistic about what the next six months have in store than in 2018. Uncertainty in the 2017 numbers, for example, may have been due to a new administration, which made some executives more cautious. It’s important to periodically review your financial plan to help ensure your company is prepared for any economic environment.

Year-over-year business outlook

somewhat or extremely strong

somewhat or significantly improve

Current Business Strength

Expectation of Business Conditions
(next 6 months)

Key Takeaway:

The number of business executives who feel confident about the strength of their company has stayed in a tight range from year to year. Expectations for the future, while traditionally less certain than current strength, are at their lowest levels since the survey began.

Employee rating of current financial confidence