Long-Term Planning

Six-Year Plan Preparation Checklist

Longer term planning can seem to be a daunting task. Use the following checklist of the main topics to keep heading in the right direction.

Develop a clear business direction that focuses on maximizing the value of your business within the next 6 years

  • Start with aspirations - Develop of what you want for yourself and your business and what the business could be
  • Extend your time horizons to get beyond "business as usual" - Understand the levers that add value to your business
  • Integrate business goals and stakeholder interests to determine direction

Based on your direction, think through the following Six-Year Plan elements

  • Competitive Strategy — Refresh or revitalize your competitive strategy with an eye toward economic, market or company circumstances that arise or may be a potential in the future
  • Growth Strategy — Consider that growth requires very different capabilities and resources depending on whether you plan to grow organically or through mergers and acquisition
  • Divestiture Strategy — Look for divesture possibilities understanding that refocusing capital, resources and energy on your best opportunities lead you to attainment of your goals
  • Capital/Leverage Restructuring Strategy — Revisit your weighted average costs of capital to optimize the debt/equity mix based on current business plans and market conditions
  • Ownership Plan
    • Consider all successor options, such as family, current management or newly recruited management
    • Plan ahead for personal wealth and retirement by talking to advisors who understand business owners and their specific needs
  • Value Maximization — Anticipate that many of the business development options you will consider — selling all or part of the business, transitioning to management, employees or family members; recapitalizing; etc. — will require a transaction based directly or indirectly on your business’s value

Document your Six-Year Plan

  • Create a succinct written plan to help in every aspect of planning and execution including goal setting, budgeting, securing financing or preparing for a sale/transition

Involve your SunTrust Relationship Manager in your plans

  • Make sure all parties who are vital to your business — including CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors and your SunTrust Relationship Manager — are actively engaged in creating and supporting your plans
  • For more Six-Year Planning information, visit suntrust. com/sixyearplan on the SunTrust Resource Center

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