Long-Term Planning

The Winning Lineup

A full bench for your business

A winning team needs more than just a couple of star performers—it takes an entire bench of individual talents with the right mix of financial and industry expertise to tailor the best strategies and solutions for your business. 

While each team member has their own skillset, they work collaboratively to make sure your goals are within reach—that’s how we win together. 

Let’s meet the core team.

  • Relationship Manager 
    It’s not only about seeing the play right in front of you. The Relationship Manager sees the big picture on the field, mobilizes the right support, and acts as a consultant on your growth strategy. 

  • Portfolio Manager
    You need a capital plan aligned with your goals. The Portfolio Manager works to strategically address your immediate and long-term credit needs to ensure you have the funding required for each stage of your organization’s development. 

  • Relationship Specialist
    You don’t want any business account; you want your business accounts—all aligned with your long-term plan and values. The Relationship Specialist provides day-to-day management and support so your accounts effectively meet your business’s unique requirements. 

  • Treasury Sales Officer
    Smooth processes are a part of any winning game plan. The Treasury Sales Officer is there to understand your working capital needs and to suggest and then implement the right mix of forward-thinking solutions that keep your business humming. 

The team doesn’t stop there. Depending on your business needs, the Relationship Manager is able to bring in a range of experts across multiple

  • Industry Specialists
    Gain a competitive edge by leveraging specialists with a deep knowledge of industry trends and challenges
  • SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
    Access to corporate and investment banking expertise helps you successfully manage and grow your company through a comprehensive range of strategic advisory, capital raising, risk management, financing and investment solutions. Also includes agency lending, capital raising and M&A services.
  • Business Transition Advisory Group
    Winning the game is just the beginning; you want to make sure your success continues. As you plan to transition your business, you want a team that knows the lay of the land.
  • Private Wealth Management
    Balance the sometimes-conflicting needs of your business and family with a coordinated approach

Fill your bench with a team that gives you confidence to take the next step forward.

Game On

Learn more about the SunTrust OneTeam Approach® and how it can benefit your business’s or organization’s needs

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