Foundations and Endowments

Infographic: Understanding and Accepting Non-Cash Gifts

In 2018, Americans gave nearly $428 billion to charity, with individuals, foundations, and corporations donating to a variety of organizations.1

But not all of this generosity takes the form of cash. Corporate stock, land, real estate, household items and other assets are frequently donated, totaling $73.6 billion in 2016.2 Organizations should be prepared to review these non-cash gifts as they come in. To ease and standardize this process, every organization should establish ground rules by drafting a gift acceptance policy. 

Considerations for non-cash assets graphic

Make a plan for your donations

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1 “Giving USA 2019: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2018,” June 18, 2019, Giving USA Foundation

2 “Aggregate Fiscal Data of Foundations in the U.S., 2015,” Foundation Center

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